Monday, 28 June 2010

Summer Style: Keep it Cool

Blue and white have to be my favourite colours for summer. Forget nautical stripes though, add a punch of colour to your outfit with this cornflower blue tunic. It's a great find as the sleeves are long when rolled down and you can get away with a thin vest top underneath for opacity. Team with vanilla-toned wide leg trousers, a simple scarf and wedge shoes and you're good to go:

Wideleg tie-belt trousers £29, Promod; Izzy tunic £38, Monsoon; Fiorelli Del Mar medium hobo bag £65, Asos; Tuscany scarf £10, Great Plains; Peeptoe wedge court shoe £45, Debenhams.

Tip: Always stick to natural fabrics in the summer, as polyesters tend to overheat and become uncomfortable.


Saba said...

Love the outfit. I've never really had many blues. Subhanallah, this is the first summer that I keep getting attracted to blue tops and hijabs.

Anonymous said...

hey- ive just recently started wearing the hijab and I am a medical student- was wondering if you could put up cool looks with lab coats? or am i just being stupid? also if its possible- less layering? in my country it gets super hot in the summers. oh and one more thing- how do you listen to the steth through the hijab? Ive seen women go from the front and under the hijab...

Anonymous said...

hiya, love the outfit! A classmate of mine has invited me to her wedding next month and I don't have a clue what to wear. :-( Since its summer and alot of weddings happen at this time, would really appreciate if you to could post some wedding theme styles. Thinking of a fascinator inspired

Jana said...

Saba, glad you like it!

Anon 1, since lab coats cover pretty much everything except for your trousers/skirt, I guess you would just wear what you normally would anyway?

Also I did a post about hijab and stethoscopes here:

Anon 2, maxi dresses with a cardigan or jacket are ideal for weddings! Check out the evening wear section for ideas:

And fascinators are super easy to slip in between the folds of your hijab too!


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