Wednesday, 12 May 2010

May Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Afifah R from Andhra Pradesh, India for winning the May Giveaway! Your hijab, cap and pin will be making their way to you shortly!

Keep an eye out for the second May giveaway coming soon!


Oman Holidays said...

Jana - I found your site via the BBC - and seeing the last winner of your prize makes me ask; how do you afford the postage to such far away places ? Is it through the garments makers ? You might be a negotiator in disguise to organize such great freebies

Nina said...

Salam. Jana. Love ur website! Your styles are really chic and inspiring. I would like to suggest you to check out and maybe do a post about the styles featured on the site? And no, this is not an endorsement or something like that, I just find that the Zleqha designs and photos to be pretty and fashionable.

Jana said...

OH, no negotiator or anything, it's simply part of the sponsorship requirements that the companies ship the prizes out themselves, I don't pay for anything.

Nina, thanks for the tip!


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