Friday, 14 May 2010

Hijab Style on the BBC

A little while ago I met up with Muslimah designers Sarah Elenany and Hana Tajima-Simpson for an interview with Shaimaa Khalil, a journalist from the BBC World Service. Here's the finished piece:

Muslim designers mix the hijab with latest fashions

How do you combine Western fashion with a Muslim dress code?

Fashion is a form of self-expression. It's all about experimenting with looks and, in many cases, attracting attention.

The Islamic headscarf, or hijab, is exactly the opposite. It's about modesty and attracting as little attention as possible.

However, a growing number of Muslim women are successfully blending the two.

Read the rest here.

P.S. Hijab Style will be bringing you a very special post about Hana's designs soon - watch this space!


Salt said...

Hi, hijab style. I'm from Indonesia and I'm now reading your article at BBC. It's so nice. As a Moslem like u, I want you to keep the good work, and making Islam looks good in front of other people, especially in your fashion way. There are so many Moslem designers in Indonesia who make so many hijab style. Nice job, Jana.

Anonymous said...

AlSalamu Alaikom Jana
It is a very nice article.. I am an Egyptian British Hijabi woman. My article on Muslim Fashion was published today on altmuslimah. I have featured Elenany brand as well as your blog. check it out if u can.
Best of Luck.

R. Karam said...

Just saw your shout out in the BBC. Your blog is very cool. I go to school in Detroit, Michigan where there is a big Muslim population. The hijabi women I go to school with are incredibly fashionable YET modest as you describe. I never realized how special it is that I am surrounded by so many empowered Muslim women, you should see it.

"My label is a celebration of Islamic culture and art and it's not apologetic. It says' this is it, this is us." Brilliant! I need to tell my classmates to pop over here.

Jana said...

Thank you Salt! Glad to have you here :)

Amira, great article, thanks for the mention!

R. Karam, thanks :) Detroit sounds very cool, must visit someday!

Safiya Outlines said...

Salaam Alaikum,

Mabrouk on the article, it's great to see you get the recognition. :)


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