Monday, 10 May 2010

Hijab Style needs you!

Salaam ladies!

Hope you are all well. You might have noticed things slowing down on the blog as I have exams coming up very soon; but inshallah there are some very exciting things coming up for Hijab Style in the near future! Your help is needed for one of them; please read on for a great project I'd love for my readers to get involved in:

I am looking for 2 women to interview as part of a written piece about British Muslim women wearing the hijab. This will part of a multi-lingual fashion bookazine called CIRCUS.

I would like to speak to 2 women living in the UK of differing ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, but who are able to articulate their thoughts well in writing. If you are would like to take part, please send in a short paragraph by May 20th 2010 to answer the following question, based on which I will choose the 2 people to do the interviews with:

What does fashion and religious clothing mean to you?

Please e-mail in your answers, along with basic info about yourself, or any queries with 'Circus Contribution' in the subject line to


I would also like to collect quotes from Muslimahs living around the world! These should be one liners to do with anything you feel might be interesting to people reading about the hijab and the way Muslim women deal with a visible religious identity. For example, what's the best thing about wearing hijab, how do you express your style, what image do you think you give to people with the way you dress..? Please leave these in the comments section below!

Thank you!


Sumiah said...

if you ever do this from an American Girls perspective, please contact me at
i am a hijabi writer living in LA working my hijbi style to the max out here in LaLaLand =)

The Hijabonista said...

When assessing fashion trends and people who dress in a revealing manner versus those who choose to dress in an islamic way, it fascinates me that those dressing unmodestly believe they are making an original fashion statement by following the latest trends, and expressing themselves through "shocking and bold" styles....while Muslimahs are regarded as being oppressed or forced into their form of attire. Having once been on both sides of the spectrum, I feel like it takes so much more willpower and courage to go against the grain and dress in a modest way that forces those around you to give you the respect and dignity of starting a dialogue with you prior to deciding where in their stereotypes you should be placed. Not to mention, being a relatively new hijabi (2 years), it takes alot more time, effort and creativity to be a fashionable hijabi rather than the latter, twice as much layers, and twice as much beauty! So stay original, unique and strong Muslimahs :)

Siddiq said...

Hijab is my personality.

Nahl Shaheed (Jannah Salam Editor in Chief) said...

Everything Allah SWT created beautiful is covered, a pearl (deep within the sea), a diamond in a mine and a Muslim woman in her Hijab!

Muslimah4life said...

what i love best about my hijab is how it makes me a walking, talking symbol of islam! and men don't have that!...makes me realize the great sense of responsibility and elevated status i have to my creator...

Coffee Catholic said...

This blog gets better by the day. I really enjoy reading your interviews and I can't wait to read these two new ones once you have them posted.

**Sigh** I wish we Christians had a blog dedicated to hijab and how to wear it without looking like a frump.

nur.najib said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jana said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Sumiah, thanks, you can still contribute to the piece with a short quote!

CC, thanks! The interviews aren't for the blog. They're part of an article for a bookazine called Circus Fashion. More info here:

Ladies, just a reminder, that the article is aimed at a mainly non-Muslim audience, so it's best not to use Arabic terms that people won't understand, or negative judgements and stereotypes about how other people dress.

nur.najib said...

i deleted the previous one.some error on it.sorry sis

the priciest hijab would definitely the one comes with imaan.

fiercemuslimah said...

Hi Jana!!

I just discovered ur web site and Iam so happy because I just really embrace Islam and was wondering how I will be eable to dress up wiyh mosdy and fashion.

Now I have my answer. May Allah bless u.

By the way I am from france but studing in south london so I wouldn't mind doing ur survey.

Send me a email for information.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I love ol ur mails... but i'm studyin so i hardly reply or comment but heres myy one-liner: I dunnow how the west sees me as"oppressed" behind my veil...coz i can see the whole world from my veil,., the world can't see me!!!
Well whose OPPRESSED???
Keep up ur brilliant work!!!

Anonymous said...

My hijab reminds me that my body is temporary and my soul eternal. (It encourages me to work on & depend on my character alone.)


Mido said...

My Hijab shows the world who I am. Exactly who I am......
How many outfits can boast that?!?!?!?!

Shahirah Elaiza said...

I started wearing hijab about 3 months ago after spending a lot of time contemplating on who I am as a person and evaluating my relationship with God.

After coming back from Umrah in January 2010 I realised that I felt more comfortable in my skin more than before. I no longer felt like I was in that 'not a girl, not yet a woman' phase. I was finally a woman! Honestly, it was a spiritual and psychological thing more than anything else.

To me wearing hijab reflects the way I feel about myself. I am secure and I don't need validation from society. Plus, it doesn't mean I have to forget about being fashionable because I still love clothes, accessories and dressing up as much as I did before. The only difference is that I now prioritise my faith and I believe that there is so much more to a woman than the way she looks. Which is in contrast to what media and society tells us.

Ashi said...

Hijab fully celebrates being a woman true to herself. Not just in her appearance, but also her mind and faith. Theres nothing more beautiful than a woman who exudes confidence and constantly battles for what she believes in. And a woman who can possess all that, how could she possibly not have a sense of style? She owns that style. The hijab allows us to adopt a unique fashion sense that never comprimises what we believe in. Without both of these elements to my personality; I as a person, am half complete. My hijab therefore is an inspiration, it pushes the boundaries of fashion and it definitely pushes the limit on being a real woman. I wouldn't have it any other way.

^that probaly constitutes as a 5 liner or such :P im rubbish at one liners!

Ashi said...

arghh EDIT to my first comment:

Hijab fully celebrates *a woman being true to herself.

sorry! :\

Lina (Malaysia) said...

There's this one thought I've always had.
I played basketball and ran track for school. I love mountain climbing and horseback riding. I also passed my certification for volunteer firefighter back in my country.
I did all that while wearing a hijab. Now try doing all that in a mini skirt.

- And they say the hijab oppresses and the mini skirt liberates.

Helda Fadil said...

hi,I am From Indonesia,i've been thinking about wearing hijab and yet still feel not ready (sigh). Reading your blog makes my will to wear hijab stronger and makes me realize wearing hijab doesnt mean we cant exploring the style.

please pray for me that i can follow you all my sisters in islam shortly.. :)


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