Sunday, 16 May 2010

Estilo Español: At the Beach

Modest Style Inspiration

Spanish blogger Mireia from mydailystyle posts lots of gorgeous photos of her everyday outfits. I loved this look especially - the coral skirt and soft leather jacket are a stunning combination, and she's even added in a scarf. Click here to see more lovely photos.



nilab said...

Can you really pull of wearing a dress to the beach?? I think that is really hard =/

Also, I need major advice here, what's a hijab friendly outfit to a picnic in the park??
Thanks =)

Arwa said...

I love this outfit ...what ab great combination...trylly inspired

Ashi said...

i heart this kinda style, effortlessly pretty and modest <3 her blog is gorgeous too, love it!

[btw did a lil post regarding the quotes on hijab on my blog, think what ur doing is amazing!]

Anonymous said...

this look is absolutely gorgeous...anyone know where to find extra-long skirts like that?

though that outfit in the beach--and those shoes--would definitely kill some of the fun.

Jana said...

Nilab, for a picnic why not try a tunic over wide-leg jeans? Then depending on the weather add either a cardigan on top or a long sleeve tshirt underneath!

Arwa, I love how modesty can transcend nationalities or religion; it's beautiful on everyone!

Ashi, thank you :)

Anon, I have no idea how you'd walk in those shoes in the sand, but I think maxis are great for the beach! The one in the photo is from H&M, and you can find plenty in Monsoon, Dorothy Perkins and Zara!

mina said...

wow. these photos are gorgeous... but i agree with the above commenter, looks like a bit too much for the beach!

Deniz said...

I reckon it's awesome for the beach! It's a dress and that's the beach it's the best place to wear it. Unless you're worried about wind? I do agree that the jacket is a bit much for the beach, maybe a soft cardigan would better suit.


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