Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Stuff We Love: Aftershock

I recently came across the Aftershock website, and was pleased to find plenty of hijab-friendly tops and dresses and gorgeous accessories. I've picked out my four favourite finds here; any store with long sleeved tunics, maxi dresses and beautiful scarves is definitely worth browsing in my books!

And if you loved the range, don't forget to check back tomorrow for your chance to enter the Aftershock giveaway!

1. Vivienne Tunic £70; 2. Chantilly Maxi Dress £199; 3. Louisa Printed Scarf £60; 4. Evelyn Ring £20.


Lâle said...

The top is just sooo gorgeous but just so pricey :-(

Ayesha said...

mashAllah i have to say this look together looks very nice. My only objective is that why are simple summer maxi dresses so expensive?? Especially in the UK, 199 pounds?!?! I could never justify paying that much money for one item. Whenever i go to England i always hesitate in purchasing clothes because the currency is worth double than Canadian dollars, and the number is so much higher! arrgh. sorry but that's my little rant b/c dressing hijab friendly is what i love doing, but prices make it harder. is there any cheap websites or anything people know of where i can buy long skirts and loose tops at an affordable price?

Anonymous said...

I like them all...specially the tunic..You r doing great job Hana..Best of luck:)

sabaa.farrukh said...

Love the dress and top! Also I would like to say im having a clearout and have put up some new and used clothes and scarves on ebay all starting at 99p bargain!! Have a look on

Sabaa x

Anonymous said...

I agree it is really expensive! Even in the sale section earrings are $35. I like most of the British shopping websites you post that are reasonable for those in America.

Miss Ally said...

The colours on that dress are absolutely stunning. wow reminds me of coral reefs :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous selection. I have visited the Aftershock store in both London and Dubai and loved the colours and smooth silk fabrics. Mashallah, I think it's very reasonable if you compare to other designer fashion houses. Well done Jana! X


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