Sunday, 18 April 2010

DoBuy Wins First Prize

Back in December last year I posted the promo for DoBuy: The Fabric of Faith, which featured three Emirati designers, including Rabia Z. The great news is the film has won Best Documentary Film at the Gulf Film Festival 2010! Here's a special message from the director Sonia Kirpalani:

Thank you, to each one of you who supported and saw the promos. Your thoughts and comments have encouraged us. As the film "DoBuy-The Fabric of Faith" won the First Prize at the Gulf Film Festival, we were elated to share our stories with the world.

A story that reveals how arts and culture can affect change in our emerging economies. Questioning why UAE is home to 40% of the world’s luxury brands, yet this mall-a-minute culture showcases few local labels the film investigates this phenomena, through the heartwarming stories of three young women from the Emirates, Zahra, Rabia Z. and Deeya, struggling in economically and intellectually weak environments, yet daring to dream of becoming the nation’s first local brands that will erase the socio-political baggage engulfing their veiled canvas.

Defiantly opening dialogue around the most controversial item of clothing in a post 9/11 world- the Arab Veils, all three girls refute ‘brand and bling’ advocating culture and creativity, designing ensembles resonating with local elements so they can lay a foundation for emerging Emiratiennes to embrace their individuality. Sharing their intimate spaces, the audience is drawn into their stimulating debate on national policies & design education . Watching them demand equality using their own retail & manufacturing infrastructure, seeing them work towards building a democratic council that will help benchmark design in their country, we even share spaces as they single-handedly win international awards for their talent, but are seemingly sidelined in their own country.

2009-10, Dubai’s downturn makes the country less lucrative for International labels, now it is for local label to rise up to rewrite a new fate with faith. Through first person stories of three strong-willed women the film reveal a hereto unknown side of Arab women and their creativity, culture through a story filled with hope and humor . Exploring the many perspectives of this Rubik cube-like equation, the film is set against one of the most fascinating economic and cultural chrysalises in the world.

Once again, thank you for giving us support to share these stories.

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