Monday, 29 March 2010

Style Notes: Roberto Cavalli

Spring 2010

For some reason with most hijab-friendly fashion on the runways, it rare to see layering done well. But this time, Roberto Cavalli's collection featured several outfits with light, floaty floral layers over smart tailored pieces. These outfits would be a great way to freshen up workwear this Spring. What do you think?



ioana said...

Well, not my cup of tea.
The outfits look frumpy even on the models, imo.
I can't see this working too well on normal body frames.
Maybe the 3rd outfit? But only maybe. Not thrilled at all.

Anonymous said...

Like these very much, pls check for Islamic Fashion Fair in Istanbul - 8-11 Apr.2010

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of it... You know wearing dresses over trousers, but what makes it extra cool is wearing a jacket as well. It has that smart/casual vibe to it. V.nice! Looks like modesty is here is to stay in the fashion world!

Umeka said...

Well I love this look and actually cannot wait to have all the right attire to work it :)


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