Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Scarves that tell a cover story

Christina Lamb writes for The Sunday Times about her collection of scarves that she's amassed throughout her years as a foreign correspondent, and takes us through the stories behind some of them. Scarves are apparently the 'must-have accessory of the moment' too... (the fashion world is a little behind, n'est-ce pas?)

You can read the article here.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Jana - you put it so well.. when muslim women wear a scarf it means they are oppressed, but when non-muslims put it on their head it is a 'fashion must-have'... what a just world we live in, n'est pas?

Anonymous said...

oh well, I couldn't even spell n'est-ce pas (LOL) that's how old and rusty my french is.. I could've checked against your spelling..

Anonymous said...

i like very much what she says n her story but 1 thing does bother me is her use of the word JIhad which simply means struggle but she has used it the wrong context usualy used my media as holy war, which since she has worked in muslim countries as a journalist i feel she should at least get the meaning right. Other than that, good :-)

Muslim Girl said...

I really liked this article, and I love this sentence:

On days when the longing to be back in Afghanistan is almost unbearable, wrapping one of my favourite scarves around my neck seems a rebellion against this city of lobbyists, where power and money are king.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I used to blog before but ended up shutting it down. well i'm starting it again with my sister this time. anywho. ur still going strong girl!!!

I know like 2 years ago when scarfs first started popping up here and there I was soooo excited it was invigerating to be able to buy a pashmina or shawl anywhere i went isntead of having to order them from boring online companies. aaa yay for muslimas. anyway keep strong girlie!!


robin said...

Ok, she loves her scarves. Don't all of us muslimas love our scarf COLLECTIONS? She seems to be trying to justify HER non-religious, but fashion-conscious reasons for donning them. Then, at the same time, she attempts to appeal to us muslimas because she HAD to wear scarves in the muslim world & has attached romantic memories for wearing our beloved scarves the way we do, but she will stay on the fashion side, thank you.


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