Thursday, 11 March 2010

Muslimah Style Vote

It's now time for Hijab Style readers to vote for their favourite entry of the Autumn/Winter 2009 edition of the Muslimah Style feature! Thank you to everyone who's sent in their photos so far - there are 11 fantastic entries to choose from this time round.

Cast your vote in the box on the top right hand side of this page, and as always you can see all of the entries here. Voting will end on 13th March 2010. Here's a list of the entries that are up for voting:



Anonymous said...

Assalaamu Alaikum,

It's too difficult to choose, all the ladies look so fresh, stylish and modest at the same time, Masha'Allah!

wassalaam Maryam from Finland

Ashi said...

tough call!!!

Tent Revival said...

I love Ghaida's outfit on the top left. It looks so cute and comfy for everyday. The look on the bottom right is very sophisticated and chic. The kind of thing I try to wear when I am going to see my grandparents or if I'm giving a presentation.

Amena's dress on the top left is pretty, but a dress being pretty doesn't require as much work as putting different pieces together for a look.

All of these ladies are beautiful. I think that true beauty shines through so much more when you are not trying to look "sexy". I love reading this blog and HijabChic, because I don't have a lot of friends who choose to dress modest like I do. It's nice to see younger people who want to dress modest and still be cute.

eyes serene said...

Assalamu alaikom,
What is the purpose of voting? Does the winner get a prize or something? *curious*

ratna wulandari said...

i like tiananda dan gda..
i hope she will win...amiiin

ioana said...

Go Ghaiidaaa!
Just kidding:)
All the ladies look great.
Love the different hijab styles, the layers in some, color coordination in others...stylish muslimahs:)

Jana said...

eyes serene, yep, as I've mentioned, the winner will receive a free hijab of their choice from The Hijab Shop.

Amira said...

We vote how??Here in comments?
Thank you!!:)

Anonymous said...

The person who most closely reflects my style is Ghaida...

however, must give credit where it's due to all of the entries..

Raluca's style reminds me of my younger days..funky and fearless

Ameenakin is very chic and jazzy, at all times.. you wouldn't miss her in a crowd easily!

Sevilay's is an understated contemporary look.. perect for a sunny climate..

etc.. I could go on and comment on each and every one of them but this is not the place ..LOL

Suffice it to say that every single entry has inspired me to try out something new, sometimes resulting in a purchase, sometimes a re-vamp..all-in-all, a breath of fresh air..

Stylish hijabis are live and kicking and they ain't going nowhere!Thank you all, you're all winners in my eyes.

May Allah bless you all and us, and guide us on the right path till the end. Ameen.

eyes serene said...

Salam, thanks, I missed that. I can't decide on one, can I vote for all? ;)


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