Friday, 26 March 2010

Maxi Finds

Full-length summer dresses have hit the high street with a vengance! There are so many gorgeous prints and colours to choose from; here are a few of my favourite picks:

Military maxi dress £49; Indian print maxi dress £45, both Miss Selfridge; Black floral maxi dress £25, Dorothy Perkins; Copacabana maxi dress blue £74.99, Fever.


mystical_moon said...

I've noticed lots of maxi dresses and skirts in the high street - here comes the summer *fingers crossed!*

Anonymous said...

anything a bit more purse friendly?..for a student lol :D

Amber Misk said...

Asalamu Alaykum :)

If anyone wants to buy me a gift please buy dress number 4 and 5 (both blue in colour).... and my size is medium .... haha :)

Have a great weekend ... love your blog Jana

Ridda said...

i love these dresses! :D
the last one is beauuuuttttiful! i'll definately be getting some to wear at college for the summer i'A! :o)

thankyou Jana, you're so helpful!
Ridda! x

♥ aaina ♥ said...

as usual, my eye lands on the most expensive!

Jaida said...

omg i love the last dress. i have so many things that can go with it... pink, yellow, white, light blue, gray hijab. so many choices, i love it

Maryam Hajar said...

All of them are so cute...insha allah, some designers of Muslimah clothing will catch on to the styles we want and recreate them for us so we don't have to bulk up the look with long sleeves and jackets in hot weather. Just my humble opinion. Whatever it Shukr or whatever, should check out this blog to see what Muslimahs want, and would learn what sells.

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

Thye are all so pretty!
The best thing about maxi dresses are that they are hijab friendly.

Lâle said...

i just got a long top from next, n it had 3/4 sleeves n a low neck but i cut up an old t-shirt and sewed the sleeves and neck on my top. :-D u couls do that with maxis like these instead of wearing the whole t-shirt underneath xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finds!!

Was wondering if anyone had any ideas for all us ladies on the petite side?

I havn't yet found a dress that doesnt leave a trail behind me! and adjusting them would just ruin the shape..

B said...

Yeah, ASOS have a few maxi dresses especially for petite people :)

aLeeNa_xD said...

i love these dresses! but being really short poses a problem :/
also, do you guys wear long skirts under these or pants..or just the dress o__o


Dania said...

If anyone of you has a facebook account add Chiquita Closet ( and check out their gorgeous hijab friendly long sleeved maxi dresses! Price is easy on the purse and they ship worldwide!


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