Monday, 8 March 2010

A Few of Our Favourite Things...

I've recently decided to make some changes to the way I shop, and from now on I'll be avoiding cheap, mass-produced goods and only buying handmade - at least jewellery to start off with. This is partly because I've been considering a more responsible approach to shopping, and also because I've always felt jewellery is like a keepsake, something personal and treasured, and not to be churned out in its thousands halfway across the world.

There are so many beautiful and affordable handmade pieces you can find online, and add to that the fact that the jewellery is unique and environmentally friendly, it's a great alternative to high street tat! Etsy, or it's UK counterpart Folksy are great places to start browsing thousands of online handmade shops which sell everything from jewellery to soap to home furnishings. Here are just a few of my favourite picks:

Clutch bag pink silk £30, Sabine Cornic; Taguabella Adriana necklace £21, This Fair Earth; Purple glass bead wire wrapped ring $5 USD, JennyMJewels; Botswana bracelet $12 USD, ACuppaJewels; Turquoise poppy fabric flower corsage £6.50, Nuada Accessories.


Anonymous said...

cool stuff! Jana, you are a girl after my own heart. I have just launched my own small business, working from home.

I had my first showcase and sales two weeks ago, starting with friends and acquaintances. My work is guaranteed unique and many designs are original, even though I take my inspiration from everything around me.

I would love to expand in the future but am currently limiting myself to my private facebook account, mostly due to the fact that shipping is not something I can organise right now (I am out in Saudi).

Love your choice of items here.. at the moment, due to limited availability and the cost of investing in the materials, my products are based on the best of whatever materials I can get my hands on. As a result, I am keeping the prices very affordable, for now...

Who knows what the future holds? Will keep you updated if I move to a position of a wider market base..

Ridda said...

That's so true y'know!
Handmade peices are SO much nicer than high street tat!
I'm going to check out them websites soon, thankyou! :o)

I love the blue corsage, i always wear them kinds of flowers with my Hijab :op, and the bracelet above it is gorgeousssssss! ;o)

Thankyou for this Jana :o)

Ridda x

Ashi said...

I love etsy! Handmade pieces are so much more special and unique =)

Anonymous said...

Salam alaikum Sister, I think this is an excellent idea. I try to apply this myself. Alhamdulillah I went to Hajj in 2008 and part of the preparation was to put in order all my affairs, and make a will. This made realise that I should always be prepared for death and I have been trying ever since to reduce my belongings on every level and to reduce what I buy and to only buy what I need and to make the most of what I have. You know the saying, you can't take it with you and we never know when death will take us. Our belongings are part of our love for the dunya. Also by buying occasional pieces of high quality items you avoid the exploitation of workers and if we can buy fairtrade - not easy in clothing - so much the better. Barkallahfeekum - Louise

Jenny M. said...

Thank you so much for featuring my ring! I'm glad you like it. My goal is to make my jewelry simple, pretty and affordable, but give it the personal touch of being handmade. It's an honor to have someone wear what I created with my own 2 hands. Thank you ~ Jenny

Aliya said...

There's a bunch of etsy shops that sell hijab pins as well... jewels4hijabs and jujubehijabpins are just two of them.

Jana said...

Anon, all the best with your business inshallah. Definitely do keep me updated if you decide to expand!

Ridda, you're welcome :)

Ashi, definitely, and you know they've been made with love and care.

Louise, I agree. Being able to purge yourself of all unnecessary clutter is very uplifting! And it's wonderful to have only items you truly love, those with a special story or meaning to them. And of course supporting ethical businesses is something we can all do to contribute positively to this world.

Jenny, thank you very much for your comment. Keep up the good work!

Aliya, thanks for the tip :)

Anonymous said...

i heart etsy!!!

inshalla all us stay at home sisters will do great with etsy! its just a marvelous way to stay true to family and religion yet be modern and have fun at the same time. who says being a trophy wife is dull and who says a working women can't do it all. I think we at home business starting sisters are proving other wise. inshallah much luck to all!!!



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