Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Why they wear it: UK students raise awareness of Islam

The Kentucky Kernal just published an article about one young woman's decision to wear hijab. (And by 'UK' they mean Univeristy of Kentucky, not the United Kingdom as I first thought!). Check out the accompanying video too:

February 22, 2010
Katie Saltz

As many young women in college get ready to leave the house, there is a flurry to put together a combination of the right shoes, sweater, earrings or lip gloss. But for one part of the UK population, dressing for class is all about one thing — modesty.

Heba Suleiman is a psychology junior and next year’s Muslim Student Association president. As a Muslim woman, Suleiman wears hijab, something most people tend to misunderstand, she says.

“The head scarf or the Arabic term ‘hijab’ is actually a very vague term,” Suleiman said. “ … in general the hijab would be the modesty or the covering, so the reason we wear it is to be fully covered.”

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cocoemonella said...

can I get your permission to link this page on my blog?

Jana said...

Sure thing :)

Huda said...

an excellent form of dawa.


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