Saturday, 6 February 2010

Amal Murad on TisF

Emirati abaya designer Amal Murad, whose designs I've previously posted here was recently interviewed for website That is Fabulous. Check it out:

Amal Murad, is an abaya fashion designer who comes from an artistic family in Dubai. From a young age she was a talented stylist advising her family and friends on fashion and style. Her early beginnings as a designer began before the age of 15, when she created her first garments.

Fashion magazines and fashion shows were embedded within the character of this young designer, and the passion to learn and create was her given talent. Being led and inspired by the fashion designers such as Channel and Christian Dior, her greatest muse comes from the fashion mogul - Yves Saint Laurent. She graduated from University in Dubai, but far before that she was already attending 'class premiere', a high-end fashion seminar held in Paris.

Read the rest here.

1 comment:

zanjabil said...

THe black abaya trimmed with blue she has on is striking. Modestly beautiful!


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