Saturday, 16 January 2010

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Miriam A from Sydney, Australia for winning the January Giveaway!

The question was: "Who is your favourite Muslimah fashion designer, and why?"

And the winning entry:

My favourite Muslimah designer would have to be Sarah Elenany because her products are clearly the work of an intellectual, clever and proud British Muslim woman. Her unique pieces are mind-blowingly attractive but yet so modest, a difficult balance to strike in the Western fashion world. Street gear consisting of pieces like loose pants and long jackets adorned with bold Islamically inspired graphics like minarets are her trademark.

What distinguishes her clothing from other Islamic design houses is that they really seem to scream “I love doing my own thing and my faith is everything to me,” allowing them to bring the best out of an assertive, rather than passive Muslim woman. It is this very attitude which makes Sarah’s work attractive to non muslims alike, making her work an excellent source of dawah mashallah.

Sarah is truly special as a designer because she experienced first hand the frustration of young Muslim women struggling to dress within Islamic guidelines while still keeping up with the latest trends, and instead of complaining, actually did something about it. May Allah reward her and put barakah in her work, she is truly an inspiration for young Muslimahs that want to leave a positive mark on the planet.

Keep an eye out for lots more fantastic giveaways coming your way very soon!


Anonymous said...

Well done sis! :)
A very good answer

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Miriam! We have the same favourite Muslimah designer... :)

Deniz said...

congrats sis! im from sydney too :


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