Friday, 8 January 2010

Style Inspiration: H&M

Layering Love

These are a couple of photos I took on my phone at the H&M store in Oxford Circus. What caught my eye was of course the creative use of a hijabi essential - lots of layering! Check out the cardigans layered over shirtdresses, long knits over tunics and cropped jackets with dresses; and they've even thrown in headwear into the mix! I love they way the mannequins have been accessorized with long necklaces and scarves too:

Layering at H&M
Layering at H&M


uni said...

I've got that long brown cardi! i love it! :)

caraboska said...

Ah yes, veddy nice masha'Allah! Now all they need to do is get a bit more leg coverage, and we're home free!

fashioning faith said...

I love lots of layers, too. We will look chic and fashionable by layering. But here, in my tropical country, we always have hot weather, so could you show us: how we could be modest and fashionable with just one or two layers. I found it's more difficult to look stylish without many layers. Or maybe, which textile material we should choose, so we could add lots of layers without feeling hot?

Sabha said...

Hi, I dont wear a hijaab but I think about wearing it alot and Inshallah one day I hope I make the change. I wear leggings quite alot with knee length dresses and pumps, I was wondering if Hijaabi's think it's acceptable to wear leggings with a knee length/ or longer cardi like the mannequin does in the H&M shop.

please can i get other girls opinions on this please

thanks x

muna said...

aasalamoo alikum sis sabha i heard from sheikhs that a muslim girl should wear things that are not see through or tight that doesnt shape the body ... and legggings r tight very tight actually because its like ur leg but with colouring rite ! ... masallah thats very beautiful and courges that u want to wear hijab im really happy for u may Allah bless u with the best in life amiiin ... and remember this sis that every time u come closer to religion know that Allah loves thats why u learning more ...u r lucky too masallah ... with hijab but the right way of wearing it u will be very precious to Allah insha allah :) .. salam

KJ said...

Fashioning Faith- What about wearing a cotton or lightweight version of the salwar kameez (loose pants and long tunic with scarf)? I've worn that in my own (very warm) state and they beat the heat gracefully.


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