Saturday, 9 January 2010

Muslimah Style: Yasmin

Reader's Contribution

Muslimah Style: Yasmin

My name is Yasmin, 20 years old, I am a senior in college studying early childhood education, inshallah will be teaching kindergarten in September. I am from the US.

My Style

When I go shopping, I look for cute, hijab friendly items. I try to find things that are versatile, so I can mix and match. I love maxi dresses, and I also often wear short dresses as shirts. I would describe my style as simple but classic. I like plain clothing pieces that can be spiced up with fun, colorful hijabs.

Must haves for me are plain long sleeve undershirts, long sweaters, and many, many hijabs of different colors and designs. I love the color blue, and I find that a lot of my wardrobe is composed of variants of the color.

Top Tip

Buy lots of long sleeved undershirts! You can transform almost any top into a hijab appropriate item. I have worn short sleeved shirts, tank tops, and even tube tops by just adding a long sleeve shirt underneath.

What did you think of Yasmin's style? If you want to be featured on Hijab Style, send in your photos and top tips to hijabstyle @ hotmail . co . uk

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Hum said...

I LOVE her style, especially her Hijabs Mashallah!

Jasmeen said...

she looks sooooo gorgeous! I absolutely adore the top royal blue coloured scarf! it looks so rich and vibrant in colour :) and the white scarf with gold undertones and white dress ;P going shopping after the weather here in the UK improves in search for loaaaaads of scarves! can't wait!!

craftytassy said...

Masha Allah, very cute style! And beautiful sister!THanks for sharing.Love it!

Heba said...

she's adorable masha Allah love her scarves!

Anonymous said...

She's georgeous Masha Allah. I like her style.,,,

ratna wulandari said...

i love her veil(*hijab)

very many combination but "beauty"

ladymuslima said...

She's cute and has a beautiful smile, mashaAllah. Love the paisley hijab.

Esma said...


Najat said...

Love the smile, maashaaAllah <3

She looks great, yet modest <3

Sumaya said...

Her smile is infectious and her hijabs are all so beautiful :D


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