Monday, 25 January 2010

Muslimah Style: Munira

Reader's Contribution

Muslimah Style: Munira

Salam, I'm Munira, and I'm a 20 year old student currently studying Architecture in Malaysia. I love all things creative, like art, poetry and photography. You can find some of my humble attempts at art here.

My Style

I'm not really interested in fashion per se, I'm more interested in style. Personal style, the way people express themselves :)

My style is really a mix of things that inspire me, and that can come from history books, films, National Geographic magazines, art and random people.

I like to have fun while dressing, depending on my mood. But several things remain constant: comfort is very important and I hate ironing clothes. So most of my clothes are non-fussy pieces I can just throw on in the morning un-ironed, because I'm lazy like that :p

I also like to wear sneakers, even with skirts.

I like to mix and match. Sometimes I'd wear a very grunge jacket with a long flowing skirt; I like the contrast. They actually complement each other well. I guess it suits my personality, I'm not exactly the most feminine girl, but I like wearing feminine skirts. Another thing about mixing and matching is, I prefer simple pieces. I don't really like pieces that have too many blings and trims. But those simple pieces I mix and match with other pieces and accessories, to create different looks according to my mood.

Most important of all, while I like to experiment with my style, I always make sure it is modest and covering, yet distinctly me :)

Top Tips

I know you've heard it many times before, but just be comfortable and be yourself! Nothing can beat the beauty of someone being comfortable and confident in their own skin. Trends are exactly that: just trends, they come and go. But your personal style will go a long way.

Another thing is to mix and match. One piece can go a long way. You can wear the same piece for several days in a row, but if you mix and match, people would hardly even notice that it's the same piece just worn differently! The next time you feel that itch to go shopping after seeing some spectacular outfits online or in magazines, look in your closet. There is bound to be some pieces you haven't worn for quite a while. Finding an old piece and giving it a new twist gives me a better feeling than buying a new one.

And my one addiction is scarves. Because scarves are cheap and they can transform a whole outfit. A scarf is not just an accessory that completes an outfit, it is a crowning piece of clothing of its own that makes an outfit.

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Anonymous said...

Love ur style! Very pretty and bohemian!

Anonymous said...

ووااااااااااااااايد روووعه جلابياتهم وكلها شغل ايد

sam said...

You have a simple but beautiful style.

Anonymous said...

very cute

Anonymous said...

Love the style and looooove your art girl!

Ayesha said...

MashAllah Munira! I love how great you look wearing simple clothes. My fav outfit of yours was the white one with the red bag- tres chic!
ps- your soooo lucky that scarves are cheap! where i'm from, they are so expensive!

Alixandra said...

Mashallah, what a beautiful sister with such cute style. Love it!

Aliyyah B said...

I really love her style and it's fresh and vibrant!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Harmer said...

Asalamu alaikum sisters, I love this sister's individual style. Sometimes, especially in the west, I find that it can be challenging to express ourselves and also be true to our modest nature. I started a Facebook page for a small range of western style clothing, especially for modest women
Please become a fan and help spread the word, I'm trying to offer more options for Muslim women insha Allah ta'ala

Michelle Harmer

Anonymous said...

mashaAllah, love the style.simple but so pretty...and it looks confy:)


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