Friday, 15 January 2010

Made to Charm

If there's a single piece of jewellery I love, it has to be charm bracelets. There is something so pretty and girly about them; they are the perfect compliment to any outfit. And handmade bracelets are even better as they add a truly unique touch. Here are a few of my favourites from various handmade jewellery companies:

Handmade Charm Bracelets

Top left to bottom right:

Rose Quartz Silver charm Bracelet £29.99, She Rocks; Solar System bracelet £9, The Spotty Dog Shop; Mauve Star Silver Plate Charm Bracelet £7, La'Seren Jewellery; Silver Lampwork Charm Bracelet - Looking Pretty £52, Violet Button.


Sehra said...

i love the last bracelet

Radeyah said...

Great post :)
I <3 charm bracelets too! They're just gorgeous and can complete any outfit


Louiza said...

Salaams, if you like handmade jewellery you should definitely look on, there's a lot of very unique handmade stuff on there :)

Yara aka Butterfly2729 said...

These are very pretty mashallah.

...but i still don't know how i always pick the most expensive out of the four before looking at their names and price tags : / lol

Anonymous said...

Love them!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous charms, I really love the first one..pretty colors!


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