Monday, 11 January 2010

The Hijabi Guide to Jeans

Possibly the most frustrating shopping experience for any woman is that of having a buy a pair of jeans. And when you're a hijabi, that frustration is likely to be ten times greater! With pretty much every clothing retailer selling their own line of denim, it takes wading through hundreds of pairs of jeans in various cuts and washes to find the perfect pair. Looser styles have been on the catwalks for several seasons, and are now easily found on the high street.

The cuts that are generally available tend to be skinny, straight-leg, bootcut, flare, boyfriend and wide leg, with some variations in between. If you are looking for jeans to wear with hijab, you need to make sure that the cut is loose enough to reasonably conceal the shape of the legs. This means ruling out anything labelled 'skinny'. The 3 styles that I have found to be appropriate, largely depending on body type and the length of top worn, are bootcut, boyfriend and wide leg.

Here are my tried-and-tested tips for finding your pair of hijab-friendly jeans:

1. This goes for most items of clothing, but always, always try the jeans on in store. Try to do this at a time when you're not too rushed; it's best to dedicate a shopping trip just for jeans. Make sure they are comfortable enough to walk, sit and kneel in.

2. Take heels/flats to determine whether the length of the jeans is appropriate for what shoes you will wear them with. The hem of the jeans should just about cover the whole of the shoe for the most flattering fit.

3. Avoid jeans with a very large flare, or those with embellishments and a faded colour wash. Darker washes are more slimming than lighter ones and are also great for dressing up.

4. A tailored pair of jeans are always more flattering than very baggy, slouchy styles, which tend to look messy when paired with long tops.

5. High-waisted styles are better for those with fuller figures as they comfortably 'pull' your stomach and hips in, rather than low-slung jeans which dig into hips to give that muffin-top look.

One of the best places to buy jeans on the high street, in my opinion, is Dorothy Perkins. This is because they stock plenty of loose, wide leg and boyfriend fit styles, which all come in short, regular and longer lengths. Their Denim Fit Guide also allows you to view the jeans on a model in 3D. I would advise shopping around to find the best fit for you - Debenhams and House of Fraser stock a range of brands which are worth trying out.

If you have any other tips for buying jeans, share them with us in the comments section!



Cosmic Cook said...

Thanks for your advice. One thing I struggle with is finding comfy jeans, made out of softer material. I have a pair of cropped Levis jeans that are very comfy, but I've never really found anything similar to that in other shops/brands. I'm obviously looking for cheaper brands.

And is it only me who finds jeans slightly uncomfy? And praying salah in them is a no-no for me.

Aisha said...

ah, the perfect pair of jeans...something i still havnt found along with the perfect (not little) black dress... i'v just never known how to rock a pair of loose/flaired/bootcut/boyfrind jeans....iv always found that skinnies/striaght legged looked good with a long dress...but since discovering islam...i guess that kinda goes out the window...i need me to find the perfect par of!

Anonymous said...

woohoo! i was the person who recently asked for a post about jeans - thank you! can't be without that perfect pair. I got some wide leg ones by Diesel in TK Maxx recently by the way - its worth trawling through the racks...also find DP is very good as you said. :)

Beebee said...

I totally agree with the three types of jeans you chose.
I love wide-leg trouser jeans 'cause they're loose and very comfortable.
But I think straight leg jeans are coming back in style. I'm guessing 'cause they're the simplest kind and can work with a lot of styles.
Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Salams all
Monsoon do some great jean cuts too, also available in short, regular and long... whilst DP is good for most of us Monsoon is better for fuller figures..
I used to be able to wear any kind of cut until I had my kids and even though I am not overweight there are times when the chunkiness gets in the way of looking sleek in anything from the shops aimed at younger people.

In particular, look out for Monsoon's sale, you can get 45pound jeans for 12to15pounds .. but you got to get in there quick to be able to get the most common sizes.

good luck to everyone out there still looking for their perfect pair!

oh one other thing.. when you find THE pair, buy TWO.. you can never have too much of a good thing!

Marie said...

I had about 1 pair of jeans that I used to wear all the time from Matalan that was straight fit. However I found even though it wasn't skinny jeans it was still showed a bit too much shape of the legs. So I promised myself that I would get rid of them and only use wide fit jeans. I got a black pair and a blue pair from Shukr which I use whenever I'm in a rush to go out to town and don't want to take long to get ready. The black one looks a bit like the Pintucked Jeans they have, and the blue one is called Sonia jeans. Unfortunately I can't seem to find them when I've looked this evening, must have been popular.

afshi said...

i mentioned before a while ago, my tip for buying two and get one altered to wear with flats and other with heels.

hope chest said...

Thanks for some great advice! I love jeans and I don't care of I wear it all the time. I just have to pick the right cut and fit for me.

Hannah Afia said...

Um, a tip:
I love cottony/linen pants but tend to choose ones that has the jeans look :] Comfortable + style.

ratna wulandari said...

love this post..
i like jeans..but keep syar'i n muslim
make me comfort n casual

Sumaira said...

I bought a great pair of jeans from The Gap which are loose, and made of a material which looks like denim, but is lightweight. But that was last summer, I am pretty sure they will have them again this summer Inshallah. They are tailored fit jeans, not casual jeans. They look much nicer with long tunics.

~Ati_Hime~ said...

I, myself have the same problem finding the right pair of jeans. It's because most of the jeans I tried on are mostly skinny ones. It's frustrating! Anyway, thank you so much on your tips on finding the right pair of jeans.


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