Monday, 4 January 2010

Hijab Style Alert: Checked Shirts

One high street trend that's emerged over the past few seasons that you can bank on for modesty has to be checked shirts. Whichever shop you walk into, you're bound to almost always find a loose, long version with full sleeves. I was in Uniqlo a few days ago and debating whether to get their red flannel long shirt; but a part of me is still hesitant about the whole 'lumberjack' look! In any case, here are a few more high street finds, including a scarf if like me you haven't yet tried out the shirt version. Don't forget to take the poll at the bottom of this post too to let us know what you think!

Blue check shirtdress £19.99, H&M; check cotton blouse £24.99, Esprit; check dress £34.50, Mango; checked scarf £5.70, Promod.


Neira said...

I have just bought two checked shirts in sales. Both with long sleeves. One from H&M for £10 and another from Next for £8. I would also avoid the red one, the ones I got are Light brown/black and light blue/Brown. Long loose and long sleeved, perfect :)

Aminah said...

Funnily enough, I bought 2 stunning checked shirts from Victoria's Secret (they actually do amazing clothes) on sale 4 years ago! One is a beautiful lapiz blue check, the other a orangey-peach. I would still be wearing them if I hadn't outgrown them after pregnancy :(

Louiza said...

I find if you wear the type that has those button-up tabs on the sleeves, so you can roll them up, then wear a long-sleeved Tshirt underneath (or forearm sleeves), it makes them look less masculine and 'lumberjack'-y as 3/4 sleeved shirts always seem more feminine to me! Or you could add a cardigan of course :) I've been going a bit crazy for checked shirts atm I have to confess, I have a black & white one (short) which I wear over a black dress as a cardigan, a long indigo/black checked one from H&M (they're only £10 in the sale atm and come in beige, white and purple as well) and am on the lookout for a red one - the Uniqlo one just might be perfect! Thanks :)

Nadia said...

there are also alot of plain long shirts available, if you are not sure about the checked version. i bought a teal coloured one from primark before christmas, they might still have them!

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Perkins also has some lovely checked shirtdresses in black/white and pastel shades checks

tie said...

Assalamuaalaikum Jana,

nice blog,about the checked shirts, i like the blue and red as in the picture. have been searching for these kind of blouses.

keep up the good work on this. i am trying to change my conventional hijab style to be more presentable, of course not for glamour but for my own satisfaction..but i am not brave enough to start..

but by browsing your blog, i kind of getting more exciting about this..pray for me to be brave to become a brave-confidence-muslimah.


tie said...

Jana, just wondering,i am at australia right now, just arrive about 4 months ago,but don't really got time to explore the mall yet :) anyway, if you know someone who can suggest to me where to find the same checked shirts(long sleeves) with reasonable price at australia, please do inform me yaa..thanks in advance!!

Anonymous said...

I got a long check shirt in purple, baby blue and emerald green from Dorothy Perkins recently. I havent worn check before but I actually like it - looks nice with baggy jeans, long cardigan, long beads and bangles to help it stay feminine and a co-ordinating colour plain scarf - very weekend casual chic! I would advise avoiding patterned scarves with check shirts though - its too busy.

Jana - would it be possible to do a post about jeans please ? there are too many skiinny jeans in the shops and its hard to find loose fitting ones that still look good - the 'boyfriend' ones are best i think but can be hard to find, so a pick of the best 'hijab friendly jeans' would be great insha'allah. I think a lot of sisters end up weaing tight jeans simply cos its so hard to find loose ones. They are all so tight fitting in the shops!


Leila said...

Aa Jana et al, I have seen a rash of these hijabi friendly shirts in Primark and both me (nearly 21) and my youngest sister(14)are loving them (closet indie-kids) but I agree with the lumberjack look being not so hot.

So the DO's I'd say are: Make sure the sleeves are more feminine, gathered at the wrist or 3/4 with long tee as suggested. Unpick the pockets on the front (this is unflattering to busty girls and draws more attention than normal to that area) plus really, is it even that comfortable to put a pen there all you medics?

Do buy them in less of the lumberjack colours,(red check is a no-no) or look for largely block colour with a subtle check composed of finer lines. The sides of these shirts are usually already lightly tapered, but you can easily put darts in the back for shaping if the cut is overly square - plus this saves on a belt.

Lastly, since the look is quite masculine, you need to fem it up. As Chanel and the Breton nautical trend is way in for Spring 2010, think "Marseilles Holiday" the French seaside, the "Yes, I own a yacht" look.

Chanel's tweed jacket becomes your check shirt matched with sharply creased dress-trousers in beige/ black/navy,retro platform sandals/flip-flops, a tasteful shopper/beach tote and a black cuff bracelet or pearls. Make your shirt the statement by pairing it with pale neutrals and white in daytime, with darker colours for later, more Parisienne chic. Lace gloves are also a more ladylike (alternative) touch. Your hijab should be somewhat looser, an underscarf or al-amira with a chiffon shayla "hood wrapped" around it and maybe pinned to the side? French Riviera here we come! Hope this helps. x

Anonymous said...

Salams everyone,
Jana - you are doing a fantastic job with this site and having been introduced to it about 3 weeks ago, I have been so inspired that when I go into a store now I have a fresh approach to the possibilites of whatever's on offer. On the back of that inspiration I am now in proud possession of several key items which can be combined to give 8 different looks. Not bad for a mother of two..In my thirties now but back in the days of the good old 90s, checks were really happening. I remember owning many checkered shirts and even a pair of trousers (my friend bought them for me from Hong Kong). Going back further then that I had a pair of 100% wool tartan-like trousers in a gorgeous red and dark green check when I was only 4 years old. They made me itch like crazy so I had to wear them with tights (result = very hot child!)I hated wearing them but loved the colours even then. And if I take you back another year, my mother hand-sewed a beautiful brown checkered tunic with pleats and a belt-buckle, of which we still have pictures in the family album! That was 33 years ago. Whoops!! I think I just gave away my age.. Anyway, my point is that good styles keep coming back again, and again through the decades. I think the trick is to keep it feminine with a touch of long beads and pretty bags in contrasting colours. Otherwise you may well end up taking down a tree or

craftytassy said...

Jana, I love love love your blog. And I do not see myself going by a week without visiting this blog, ever again, lol! Anyway, I already like wearing the things you show on here and tried to break and turn sleeves dresses into more wearable hijabi friendly way. I bought a checked shirt for my sister and was not sure about it, but I guess I would wear it, if it looks good on me! lol.

afshi said...

funny you posted this! Just a couple of weeks ago I bought a light pink plaid shirt (long top - so halal, of course) from Forever21. It was only 20 bucks and i love it. Its half sleeved with the rolled up button tab..i wear it with a long sleeved T underneath or just a cardigan on top.

my question is...why kind of hijab would go? Im not into plaid on plaid...

Leila said...

Asalaam alaikum Afshi,
Somebody on here said to keep the colour plain so I would stick with neutrals if I were you. :)

Also the thickness of the hijab depends on whether you want to tuck to show the collar or drape over it. Above I suggested a loose wrap chiffon hijab with underscarf - purely to make lumberjack look more feminine though.

Hope this helps, WS. x

Aisha said... can you still be debating the whole lumberjack look!?!?...=)...checks alll the way...=)


Jana said...

Nadia, I pretty much live in shirtdresses so I have plenty of plain ones atm, just not checked ones!

Tie, thank you and I'll keep an eye out :)

Anon 2/Leila, the hijabi guide to jeans is coming soon, watch this space!

Leila, how funny, I'm nearly 21 and my sister is 14 too :D Agreed with adding more feminine touches - definitely with some jewellery, lace gloves may be too literal though. For spring/summer, I love the idea of pairing the shirts with loose, chambray jeans and neutral peep-toe wedges, inspired by this look:

Anon 3, thanks!

craftytassy, thank you :)

Afshi, most definitely stick to a plain hijab, in one of the colours found in the shirt.

Well, I decided to take the plunge and went and bought the Uniqlo shirt, which is actually pink rather than bright red; might even post a picture :)

Leila said...

Aa peeps,
Aisha, some of us just aren't comfortable rocking the check thing so kudos to you for bravery!

Jana - YAY pictures. Ha, great, I have one in the middle who's 18 too. Saw the picture, woah, the model is striking whereas the look is very casual and flowy. I definitely like the wide trousers with peep toe shoes, but I'm personally building up a more classic Chanel look for Spring, with maybe a touch towards their boho S/S 2010 show with Lagerfeld.

I dunno, I used to be very matchy-matchy and now I find the tailored look more comforting than casual stuff. It's all about the mood and we women need our corporate armour, especially forthcoming grads. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm 34 and I love checks from Forever21, Dorothy-p and Zara. so easy to co-ordinate with jeans and flats. I mixed them with stripey shawls too. ;) <3 From Iza Aziz-Imran ^.^

Syazwan said...

Hi, where can I purchase the clothes that are shown on your blog?


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