Saturday, 12 December 2009

Voting Time - December Giveaway

It's time to vote for your favourite style tips for the December Giveaway! Below are the 5 finalists' entries. You can vote for your favourite in the box at the top right hand corner of this page. The winner will be announced on Monday 14th December!

Entry 1

My top must have wardrobe item is a long sleeved top with a round neck. They go with everything and they are especially useful for layering, for wearing under short sleeved t-shirts, skinny strapped maxi dresses, the fact that Primark do them in a range of colours is also brilliant, black, blue, turquoise, red, pink, white, brown, green, loads more you can mix and match.

Couldn’t live without them, well I could but they make my life as a Muslim who wears a head scarf much more easier, and I can still wear current fashion trends even if they are short sleeved or straps.

Entry 2

My top must-have wardrobe item is a handbag. I think that a handbag symbolizes a woman's power and a woman's personality. A woman chooses bags which define her and reflects her mood and her sense of fashion. Even if almost everyone thinks the handbag designs matter a lot, I still prefer something I am comfortable carrying around with. I like it light, spacious, and with many compartments so I can just put all my stuff inside - cellphone, keys, wallet, magazines, make up and just every item that every woman needs. Also, because I go to high school, I like when there is enough space for my books too.The most important for me is that a bag can "carry all" so when I go somewhere I don't have to bring other bags with me.

Entry 3

My must have item is definitely my pair of jeans. They are the only thing that withstand my toddler :-) I just pop them in the wash and presto they are as good as new, no ironing needed no nothing. I wear them with heels to look nice and with flip flops to go do grocery shopping or take her to the park. They work for both summer and winter. My jeans are probably the most abused yet loved item in my wardrobe.

Entry 4

The top must have item in my wardrobe is probably a big selection of bandanas (small squares) in various plain colours, they come cheap also! I would first put the tube piece over my head, tie the preferred colour bandana over this and then put over the longer piece.

Voila! I will always have a scarf to match my outfits! I only have four basic plain colours of the al-amira two piece hijab (black, white, navy and gold). I also alternate these pieces to create a different look!

Entry 5

My wardrobe must have is my favorite black wide legged trousers from Dorothy Perkins. They have very thin widely-spaced pinstripes, this draws the eye down and gives the illusion of a slim leg!

For a smart look : I add elegant heels, a silk tunic/shirtdress, a simple hijab and for a splash of colour a chunky necklace.

For a casual look: I add flats, my pink paisley print short dress, simple Amira black Hijab and a black cardigan.

I love it because it will easily carry me from morning to evening, it is low maintenance and I can rest assured that it doesn't stick to my legs.


Anonymous said...

Good luck girls!

dsy said...

Just voted for No.1! :D
Because her must-have item is exactly like mine.. a long-sleeve top is indeed a must-have!
Though I'd prefer a high-neck one ;)
so I'm totally with her ;)
Good luck sisters! :D

Anonymous said...

first of all good luck to all
second of all i vote for ENTRY 2
because its like mine and she makes a great point
i love to have a nice big handbag that carries all the stuff i need to carry everywhere
good luck once again


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