Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Sale Finds

Many stores have already started their sales and special offers in the run up to Christmas, including Promod, Long Tall Sally, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and Wallis. I'll probably be holding out until Boxing Day Sales, where there are likely to be even better discounts. But here are some hijab-friendly bargain finds for now:

Sale Finds

Purple Double Breasted Coat £50, Wallis; Shirt with pintucks section £16.20, Promod; Jade wool mix cardigan £15, Dorothy Perkins; Toni Bangles £7; Stella Clutch Bag £14, both Monsoon.


Anonymous said...

The shirt from Promod is of made of quite a thick fabric, and a little on the short side for some of us. Although i am not tall i prefer my tops to reach just above the knee.
You recommend long cardigans frequently.. i tried one on the other day from mango but i dont know what i would wear it with.
as a mother of two (as i'm sure many sisters will agree) sometimes thighs can be a little on the chunky side so long cardigans or short tops are not quite enough to cover. Do you have any suggestions for us?

caca said...

luv u'r blog...^^

Islamic Outfitters said...

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Anonymous said...

O JazakAllahu Khayr :)

daily fashin muslimah said...

hi janah

im very-very like ure blog and fashion muslimah..

very berry interst and beauty..

keep blogging fashion muslimah ya..


NuRuL said...

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Jana said...

Anon 1, you can wear the slightly shorter tops over skirts, or simply find longer tops to wear over trousers.

Arab-esque said...

The top, cardigan and coat are absolutely gorgeous, totally something I'd wear.

However whenever I wear long cardigans, I never close the buttons as I find them to be very fitting around the butt area. It's more comfortable that way anyway.

This is when I'm outside of the Khaleej, however when I'm in the Khaleej I just wear a black floaty abaya.


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