Friday, 25 December 2009

Muslimah Style: Tiananda

Reader's Contribution

Muslimah Style: Tiananda
My name is Tiananda, I'm 22 years old and living in Indonesia. I've worn hijab for almost 6 years, and I'm happy I've decided to wear it!

My Style

My style is anything comfortable and affordable! I usually wear casual outfits, but when I'm in the stylish mood I'll mix and match my clothes. If some girls have a bad hair day, sometimes I have a bad hijab day! That's the moments when I think I look ugly in any outfit! In case it happens, I always go back to my favorite shirt, skirt and matching coloured scarf. Maybe I'll look plain, but it will save me from feeling unhappy the whole day.

Style inspiration for me comes when I see fashion blogs (real girls wearing real clothes) or walk into a department store. I easily fall in love with simple designs, smart details, plain colours, stripes, or flowery patterns. But remember, a cute outfit on other girls doesn't mean that it'll look good on us. Choose wisely, save more!

Top Tips

1. Go to a flea market or a discounted sale in department stores to save money.

2. Invest money in comfortable shoes, trousers or a skirt that you will wear frequently.

3. Mix and match clothes to get a new look without buying a new outfit.

4. After you dress up, look in the mirror. If you think your outfits are ok, then you'll feel confident throughout the day.

You can see more of Tiananda's style over at her blog, tealovecoffee.

What did you think of Tiananda's style? If you want to be featured on Hijab Style, send in your photos and top tips to hijabstyle @ hotmail . co . uk

Readers will be able to vote for their favourite entry, and the winner will receive a FREE hijab of their choice from The Hijab Shop.


Hum said...

I love her style and attitude. I love the idea of having a go to piece if you're having a bad day where nothing looks good.

ratna wulandari said... tiananda sis in here, hehe..

really..i like that style and these blog


Hannah Afia said...

Awesome style! I love your looks.. especially in that denim dress, 4th pic. :] The kaftan/maxi (last pic) is my fave too :D

sharifaa. said...


Saffron said...

masha'Allah, she's cute!

s begum said...

simple is beautiful.

Rica said...

i love her blog!


syafiqah said...

this comment isn't related to the post.

i would like to know, how to "tie up"
your hijab in this style: .
can you put up a post on that?
it'll be very much appreciated. (:

MYGA said...


there is a new blog for muslim sisters, not only for hijab though, its about islam new topics weekly, please check it out

thank you,

aifasuitcase said...

I love her blog and she's so creative!^^

Amina said...


I love her style! Simple, sophisticated, and elegant :) AND modest!

Rania said...

Really love her Top Tips! ;) Thank you...

Anonymous said...

I feel like i know her already because her style and mine are not so diferent at all..
i like to believe that we all have our bad 'tudung/hijab' days.. and i remembered wanting to throw away the hijab and just go out without one but i clenched my teeth and tried tying it again..:)
i love to mix match my clothes too! and the no one tip that i can gv is to acessesorize!!


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