Monday, 7 December 2009

Head-turning hijabs

CNN just published an article looking at hijab fashion around the world, and speaks to several Muslimah designers:

By Olivia Sterns for CNN
December 7, 2009

Islamic fashion lets women cover up in style

London, England (CNN) -- Just because a woman covers up it doesn't mean she can't show off her individual style. That is the belief of a growing number of fashion designers in the Middle East who are cutting conservative clothes with fashionable flair.

Traditionally the Islamic headscarf is a symbol of modesty, but today more and more Muslim women are dressing in eye-catching outfits, albeit with their heads covered.

"Modesty is not the opposite of fashion, and fashion is not about showing more of my body," said Amina al-Jassim, a Saudi designer who makes haute-couture abayas, the long-black cloaks typically worn by more conservative Muslim women, which are also mandatory in Saudi Arabia.

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Nawal said...

The models are all over exposed-either legs showing, chest, or hair with the exception on one model in white!

Aliyah A said...

Assalamu Alaylum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh sisters :)

Idk if its just me or its where I live, but lately I've been seeing A LOT of hijabis (and Alhamdulillah for them), and also with the increase in numbers, I've also noticed a lot of sisters are slowely furthering away from the fundamental requirments of the hijab! If its not the "I have bangs hijab" (as Baba Ali put it) then its the 'suppper skin tight shirt' or the 'pencil skirt paired with opaque tights' look. The way I c it unfortunately a lot of sisters are associating uniqe style and originality with garments tht are not apprpopriate islamically!

Thts all! I just wanted to vent...don't feel the need to pay attention to my ramblings(unless ofcourse u want to ;))

Wa Salaam :)


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