Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Bellissima Scarves

Bellissima Scarves
Bellissima Scarves is a new company launched by a sister who aims to bring Italian elegance to the UK hijab scene. The range is fairly small, but the selection is stunning!

You can also get a 10% discount on all scarves when you use the coupon code 30db29596e when placing your order (valid until 15th December 2009).


Anonymous said...

Although the scarves are beautiful masha'Allah, they are very narrow and will not give adequate coverage - especially around the chest area.

I wonder if they can be made available in squares?!!

Anonymous said...

The scarves are very nice. Love the embelishment!! Wish they would sell undercaps as well though. As I didn't see any when I looked.

Rebab said...

These scarves are gorgeous. But i would have no idea how to put together an outfit to complement them. Could you show some example outfits.

Hadia said...

At the moment Bellissima Scarves does not provide with underscarf/caps but inshallah they will be soon available. So check the website, or subscribe to its newsletter and you will be informed as soon as they will arrive.

A square collection, inshallah, should come in Spring/Summer time.

You can pair these scarves with several outfits. Especially the black one (Serena), as well as the gold one (Speciale). These two can go with nearly everything. The striped maroon and the striped brown (Delicata) can be used with everyday's outfits. The color combination is not too much and can be easily worn with your winter clothes. Even the patterned one, are done in a way that the patterns are mostly on the sides and the middle of the scarf has an effect of nearly plain.
Now that it is winter and we are using lots of jumpers and cardigans (which tend to be of a unique color), you can cheer up your look with one of these scarves. If you have a red cardigan, use Classica red. If you have a blue cardigan use Vivace. If you have a gray jumper you can use Preziosa.
Just think of your wardrobe, your clothes collection, your preferite colour and.. chose a scarf that suits you.
You will enjoy it! :)

Marie said...

This is just how I would do it Rebab (I would like to see Jana's take on it though) -
1)I would team it with an abaya of an colour shade that is of the same colour of some of the less emphasised colours, or one of a colour which contrasts i.e. a light green abaya with the red one
2) You could do the same thing with trousers in neutral colours that complement with colours in the hijab, and then then have a bag (black I would choose) if finding things to wear with the hijab with the black/grey/gold combination

Anonymous said...

The scarves are very nice. Love the embelishment!!


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