Thursday, 26 November 2009

Update - Live Chat Session

A few days ago I announced the date of the Hijab Style's first Live Chat Session, and now here's another surprise for readers! After the session, at 9pm, Ummah Vouchers will be releasing exclusive online discounts for 3 hours only from several Islamic clothing companies including Amirah Fashions and Islamic Design House! All you need to do is register and then at the end of the chat session, log on to Ummah Vouchers at 9pm on Wednesday 2nd and claim your discounts.

Click here for further information.


Anonymous said...

I can not wait for this !

I am looking for a jilbab, will there be discounts on jilbabs?

The reverts secret said...

sounds good! hope theres some really good deals..! oh eid Mubarak All!


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