Saturday, 21 November 2009

Muslim fashion given a fresh look

The BBC have just published this article about Nadia Batool, an up-and-coming fashion designer who's developing a new range for Muslim women in the UK.

Muslim women can dress in line with both their faith and western styles according to an Essex fashion student.

Nadia Batool, from Leigh-on-Sea, has explored the subject as part of her MA degree project, 'Faith or Fashion'.

She believes the requirement to dress modestly should not deny them from being 'positive' about what they wear.

"I think the younger generation are seeking to find a middle ground so they can incorporate their Islamic values with the western values," she said.

Read the rest here.


Zaynab said...

salaam. this fresh look blouse is gorgeous & eyecatching. R there other colours and whats di price

Nadia said...

Salam Zaynab, you will see my range of designs along with the valuable prices inshallah very soon.. for details keep on checking the webside

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found the video for Ethos a bit strange. It is quite negative towards the classic hijab of black abaya and scarf. It is also strange that the sister is in such a scruffy house with dusty floors and mirrors, contrary to the Islamic virtue of cleanliness. Amani


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