Sunday, 22 November 2009

Live Chat Session on Hijab Style

On Wednesday December 2nd, from 8pm-9pm GMT, Hijab Style will be holding a live chat session here on the blog! This will be a chance for readers to get first-hand answers to questions you might have about the blog, as well as an opportunity to talk to sisters around the world!

As the session will only last one hour, the discussion will have to be fairly focussed. The topics for discussion I've decided on are: behind the scenes at Hijab Style and the Islamic fashion industry in the UK. Other questions can be addressed if there's time at the end.

All you need to do is come to the blog homepage on Wednesday 2nd between 8pm-9pm, and sign up for Chatroll which only takes a minute, and then join in. The session will be moderated and any trouble makers will be removed. If it's a success and enough people participate we could even make this a regular feature!

See you all there!


Sameena said...

great idea!! x

mia said...

I'm going to miss this session:(
will be working...

Hope i can participate the next time round...

I really love this blog!

By the way do any of u sisters have any suggestions on how to wear hijab for humid, warm weather?

Lâle said...

Totaly great idea, cant wait. Mia- u could go for a light linen scarf with a simple wrap style :-D


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