Sunday, 8 November 2009

Indonesia Fashion House Showcases Muslim Clothes With Style

November 08, 2009

The fashion world, by its very nature, constantly reinvents itself, with new styles from the outrageous to the classically inspired hitting the runways each season.

But what about Islamic fashion? Confined by rules of modesty and propriety, Muslim clothes for women have seen little change over the years. The hijab dress code stipulates that women should cover their entire body, except their face and palms, in public. Clothing, including the headscarf, cannot be transparent or tight-fitting.

But fashion label Up2Date, which specializes in clothes for Muslim women, manage to combine traditional thinking with modern styles.

On Tuesday, Up2Date presented its collection for next year in the ballroom of the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta. Called “InterAction 2010,” the show combined exotic looks inspired by Mexican fashion icon Maria Felix with a funky retro approach.

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Anonymous said...

They have some Indonesian styles on one uk online store, Ihtijab. Really nice,love Indonesian style


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