Monday, 12 October 2009

Voting Time

It's time to vote for your favourite style tips for the October Giveaway! Below are the 5 finalists' entries. You can vote for your favourite in the box at the top right hand corner of this page. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 14th October!

1. Try new things, take risks and never give up. Looking good doesn't mean taking hours to get ready, as long as you're happy and comfortable, you're good to go. I always dress in a comfy way, you never know when your life might make you start running. My style is to dress in way that will always keep you ready, to expect the unexpected.

2. Fashion doesn't have to be expensive; look for style wherever you go! Get inspired by top designers and then search in less expensive places. You can find pieces to make your outfit look modern and but also rare and unique by shopping at thrift stores, trading with friends, or going through an old closet. Some of the best items I have found are from here. You can still look great, plus save the extra money and donate to someone who can't afford to be as style-savvy.

3. Layering is a way of life for most hijabis, and can look very funky. It's also a great way of staying warm through the extended British winter. The basic tip I'd offer is avoid bulkiness by keeping the thinnest layers closest to your body, and the thicker layers on the outside. So you could comfortably wear a long-sleeved t-shirt (thin) under a sleeveless long cardigan (thick), but might avoid wearing a long-sleeved jumper (thick) under a flowing sleeveless dress (thin). If a t-shirt under a silk dress looks lumpy, switch the under-layer for an over-layer instead, e.g a long-sleeved bolero cardigan in keeping with the thin-next-to-skin rule. The same rule also applies when layering different scarves to add texture and interest to your hijab.

4. Buying the perfect pair of jeans is always a challenge. So when you finally go to your favourite store, find one at the price you could afford and they fit you like your favourite hijab...don't just buy one pair, buy two!

Wearing heels with a pair of jeans always dresses up an outfit..whether its casual Fridays at work or a night out with your favourite Muslimahs! But the whole outfit could be a fashion disaster if your jeans are too short. Remember sisters: when wearing heels, your pants should fall below the heels. Flats are all the rage these past few seasons...and Alhumdulillah too, because I love the comfort, but not the style of rolling up jeans when I wear them.

Therefore have your jeans hemmed to avoid looking like you shrunk a few inches from your last Girls Night Out. Therefore, buying two pairs of your dream jeans and having them hemmed to wear with heels and flats is the best style tip ever!

5. Collect photos that you find either on the computer or from magazines, etc. (Hijab style is a great blog for this). When you see something you like or you think someone looks good, save the image and then come back to it later when you are looking for new inspiration or you want to experiment with different looks. In other words, copy and then add your personal touch. This is a great way to discover your personal style.


Anonymous said...

I like tip#4.

farzana said...

What's great is that we all have our individual style. However sometimes we all need a little help in the way of a beaded bag, colourful shayla, or some killer heels. Still, I believe that if you own your body and exude CONFIDENCE by ACCEPTING and LOVING yourself (WARTS AND ALL) you will earn far more compliments than any accessories will. Too often we get blind sided by society's view of what is ideal. Finally a sexy well fitting bra and matching undies can work untold magic. (That was my tip and thus I agree with No 1.) Good luck to entrants.

washi said...

Wow, these are really good tips...pity you can't give away 5 tunics :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of buying two pairs of the same jeans. Bloody brilliant!

Anonymous said...

i like number 2 :D

Anonymous said...

Definately tip #4, I never thought of it. I think its a great idea. Thank you. Ayesha


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