Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Thailand's design schools to promote Islamic fashion

Anasuya Sanyal
15 October 2009

BANGKOK: The Thai government wants to encourage clothing manufacturers to produce high fashion looks in accordance with Islamic rules.

Islamic fashion may seem like a contradiction in terms. But chic modern cuts and super saturated colours on this Bangkok runway prove otherwise.

The Thai government partnered with three local design schools to challenge fashion students to sketch their best. Thosaphon Wongdee, Fashion Student at Srinakarinwirot University, said: "Traditional (Islamic) dress cannot be tight or reveal the body, so it's challenging to create a traditional look that's also trendy."

Designers were going for a bold fresh look while not departing too drastically from convention.

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1 comment:

Ayda said...

good move thai garment industry.... i just hope that they will respond and listen to muslim women world wide as far as what works what doesn't


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