Monday, 5 October 2009

October Giveaway

October Giveaway
This month, Hijab Style is giving away this gorgeous Alveera Embroidered Tunic with matching hijab, courtesy of Designers Club.

To win this tunic, I'm asking readers to email in their top style tip - it can be anything from easy ways to customise clothing, to tricks for pulling off the ideal party outfit. Be creative - you can only submit one tip!

To enter, e-mail in your style tip, full name and city with 'October Giveaway' in the subject line to

The deadline for entries is midnight GMT on Sunday 11th October. The finalists will then be chosen and have their tips posted here so that readers can vote for their favourite! The winner will have the tunic shipped to them directly. Don't forget to tell all your friends and family too - the giveaway is open to entrants from all countries!


Mina said...

Oh im in...that tunic looks gorgous.

Afia. said...

YES, another giveaway! ;D
It`s kinda a challenge for me, but I`ll still enter.
Good luck to you all!

washi said...

I'm with Afia that this is certainly a challenging one, but 'you have to be in it to win it' so I'm giving it a can I not? This is such a beautiful tunic!!

Minaretmuse said...

Love the Giveaway idea :) Forgot to enter the last one, so definitely going to give this one a go.

Anonymous said...

salam alekoum

that looks very nice !!
Just sent my mail, hope this time I'll win :)

Anonymous said...

Very useful blog! love this Tunic soooo much! :D

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! So pretty! MUST THINK OF TIPS!
I've gone crazy XD

Le-Ann Mariamlelue said...

Thank you for another chance at a giveaway!
I absolutely Love it!

Nielfa Hanifa said...

Kudos to you for giveaways! Looking forward to see what the finalists' tips will be.


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