Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The First Egyptian Hijab Contest

By Amr Emam
IOL Correspondent, Cairo- Egypt

Signaling its keenness to keep up with the needs of a growing number of veiled women, Egypt will organize its first hijab (headscarf) contest soon.

The contest, which will usher in a heated competition among headscarf designers in Egypt, is expected to open up a new world of headscarf styles for Egypt‘s veiled women who have been on the increase over the last few years.

"This is an important contest as it will bring together headscarf designers who will contribute innovative ideas that might revolutionize the shape of the headscarf altogether," said Yasmin Mohsen, one of the panelists in the competition.

"New headscarf models can even induce more women to put on a veil, which is very useful," she added in an interview with IslamOnline.net.

The organizers of the competition say they want to give the chance to style conscious Egyptians to show how they fuse the wearing of headscarves with their vibrant colors, designs, and combinations into their experiences of the urban Egyptian city life.

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Candice said...

Will this only include the scarf or the entire hijabi outfit? It'd be great for them to have a hijab-appropriate outfit contest.

omar hamed said...

go and upload your hijab design and vote for the most modesty and fashion one


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