Friday, 23 October 2009

Cultural Breast Cancer Awareness : Pink Hijab Day

Islam Online interviews Hend El-buri, founder of Pink Hijab Day:

Spreading a communal awareness to fight the breast cancer, a group of Muslim women came up with the idea of Pink Hijab Day (PHD). "Pink Hijab Day is intended to shatter stereotypes of Muslim women, as well as raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. All over the world, Muslims participated by wearing pink hijabs, pink ribbons, and donating to breast cancer foundations," this is mission of the campaign as stated on its official website.

Art & Culture editor reaches Hend El-buri, the founder of Pink Hijab Day, and interviews her about the aim of this move that goes global.

A & C Editor: Tell us more about this global day. Why did you choose the Hijab as a symbol? And why pink in particular?

El-buri: I created Pink Hijab Day a few years ago as a way for Muslim women to initiate dialogue with non-Muslims who might see a group of women in pink hijabs and be encouraged to ask questions about Muslims as social activists, about the hijab, or about Islam in general. To me, Muslim women wear their faith on their head. In the West, this is something that already gets a lot of attention and stares.

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Henna said...

LOL! i will be Polite as can be. hehehe.

Its a great idea to get invloved and have a pink hijab day! really shows our spirits and we should enjoy days like this as it is for charity aswell.

Good on ya!! :)

Constructive Attitude said...

It was a great way to raise awareness :)

Anonymous said...

the official site is the link on here is not working

cocomel said...

I think the pink hijab day is an awesome idea.
A great way to take arms against cancer!

Jana said...

Anon - fixed the link, thanks!


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