Sunday, 13 September 2009

Style Spotlight: Evening Wear

Fall 2009

For elegant, chic and wearable evening outfits, three runway collections in particular this season offered beautiful hijab-ready ideas.

Max Azaria featured long gowns layered over polo-neck tees. Though not a favourite look of mine, the draping of the purple dress conceals curves beautifully, whilst long leather gloves are an unusual way to accessorize a plain white dress:

Max Azaria Max Azaria
Max Azaria

I love Carlos Miele's designs and his use of statement boleros over evening gowns, which really bring the outfits up-to-date. The colour pallette is kept fairly simple, with interest added with fur and origami-like pleats and folds:

Carlos Miele Carlos Miele Carlos Miele
Carlos Miele

Valentino also showcased a similar combination of a fur jacket over a satin gown, as well as a couple of trouser suits. The longer length jackets make for beautiful modest outfits:

Valentino Valentino Valentino



SahRahBash said...

I love the Carlos Miele gowns with the boleros over them. Such a great look. Simplicity is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i love the trouser suit!

Zaynab said...

i love Carlos Carlos evening gowns .they are very nice and elegant and also the colour is is very suitable for evening wear.


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