Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Style Notes: Hermès

Fall 2009

Again, I apologise for not posting these last few days - things have been really hectic! But now here's some style inspiration courtesy of Hermès Fall 2009 RTW.

I love the forties vibe going through this collection - from the fur-trimmed jackets to the leather coats and skirts. Not only that, there were plenty of hijab-friendly ideas too. For instance winter coats over satin maxi dresses are retro yet beautifully timeless. Throw in some aviation headgear to cover up hair and you have some interesting runway takes on modest fashion:


Maxi Dresses


Images: Style.com


C said...

Asalaamu alaikum

Looks like Amelia Earhart.


KakChik said...

oh, I love the 2 first pics. very elegant.

Iman said...

I hate these looks!
And the whole weird headwear shabang isn't doing it for me <_<
Hijab shouldn't be about simply covering your hair, but doing it modestly and to detract any attention rather than bring it!

And oh my, the leather... only one thing can describe it *CRINGE!*
Imagine walking down the street in picture 2! Disastrous.

I still love your blog though :)

Em said...

@C - lol, yes, it does. The humanist in me was thinking oh gosh why leather and so much of it?? I don't think PETA would appreciate Hermes line, and it just looks kind of strange, n'est pas?

Maryam Hajar said...

Could actually see myself wearing the top 2..very chic and covers where it should. love these coats in all. (minus the fur--I'm w/PETA regarding fur..and ditch the leather if it's pig skin of course :-)
Thank you and Salams!

Minaretmuse said...

If I were a foot taller I think I'd try this look :)And the leather helmets might work quite well with a wisp of silk to feminise them up a bit. As for the ethics, there's an interesting article in the Guardian which opened my eyes to the issues surrounding leather:


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