Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pretty Pictures: Shopping in Saudi

I love this photo of a Saudi woman shopping in Jeddah; the sleeves of her abaya, and the fun accessories that she's looking at! I'm normally not too keen on mixing and red and black, but this is a good example of where just a hint of a bright colour can look beautiful against a black base. Why not try this look out yourself and sew on some coloured lace along the sleeves of a plain abaya.

Shopping in Saudi
Image: Reuters Pictures


zanjabil said...

Tastefully gorgeous. This is a fun pic...eye candy for muslimas..the earings and the lovely abayah.

sabah said...

Eid Mobarak said to you and to all your family.

TOS said...

I love this picture. Look at the sleves of that abaya and her glossy black bag. If anyone thinks Muslimahs don't like fashion or can't be stylish think again.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Amazing abaya! I would end up getting food on the sleeves though ;)


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