Wednesday, 7 October 2009

LOSVE New Collection

Modest clothing company LOSVE have just launched their new Autumn/Winter '09 collection! Featuring plenty of tunic shirts and smart skirts, they've also introduced pretty pashmina scarves in addition to their square Turkish e┼čarps. Here are some of my favourite picks:


Anonymous said...

I'm loving some of the long skirts and tunics but is it me or have their prices gone up?? Leila

Anonymous said...

Yeah ther prices have defo goe up! last time i checkd they wer 'reasonable'.. was more likely to buy then although stuff is betta now

Rudan said...

very chic. i love skirts although i can't wear them , im pretty short
:( but evrything else looks great.
Btw i was wondering what kind of pants should i wear being short, i cant wear very wide ones and i cant wear skinny jeanse which look good on short people, so what is the right pair? And is their anyway i could wear skirts and dresses without looking more of a midget than i already am?
And one more thing, i have a round face , what type of hijab and hat style would best suit me?
Thank you ,and sorry for teh long post,
Nice blog btw.

Berfin said...

Lovely clothes and reasonable prices but... shockingly high shipping costs to Europe! 5,50 pounds per ITEM... Makes it almost expensive to order just one product or even more. :/

Farah said...

Alsalam aalaykoum,
rudan, sweety im a hijabi and short too. LOL anyway i was also wondering what hijab tips you have got for short people. and i dont have a round face but my friend does she basically puts it as far away as she can. She lets the hijab reach a few cm before her hair shows and i think that helps.

Anonymous said...

Their new collection is really nice, but I agree their prices have REALLY gone UP!

Abdul R Hummaida said...

Thanks for the feedback :)

Yep, the pricing of the newer collection has changed and here is why:

- The pieces are more detailed then previous collections, with even better fabric.

- The older prices simply undervalued the items. The new pricing better reflects the quality and detailing of LOSVE. I am obviously biased but I think LOSVE is good value compared to Zara and French Connection.

For an example of the quality of items you can read Jana's reviews of some of her LOSVE purchases here and here

Abdul Rahman Hummaida


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