Friday, 18 September 2009

Autumn Style Essentials: Part 2

A couple of days ago I posted Part 1 of the Autumn Style Essentials post. Here's Part 2 with even more fantastic finds:

4. Bags

Aside from stuffing all your girly necessities into (purse, phone, keys, tissues, water bottle, wipes, pens, etc), a handbag is one of the easiest ways to add instant style points to an outfit. If you're looking for a bag for everyday use, black, tan and grey are always classic options, and look out for fun embellished clutch bags for evening occasions and going out:


Oscar Workbag £69, Mischa Barton Handbags; Patent satchel £76, Kew; Grey stud front slouch bag £25, Dorothy Perkins; Arconate tote £40, Aldo; Terisa clutch bag £35, Fiorelli.

5. Jackets

Military coats, boyfriend blazers or trophy jackets, outerwear is the perfect modest style solution. Do make sure you find one with the perfect fit for you:


Grey Chambray Blazer £45, Miss Selfridge; Tempest Jacket £115, French Connection; Jewelled Jacket £120, Topshop; Wool Pleat Jacket £129, Kew; biker jacket £69, Esprit.

6. Tailoring

It's time to ditch the denim and smarten up; but tailoring is not just for the office. Wide leg trousers in textured fabrics look oh so chic teamed with long cardigans. Add a personal touch with jewellery and patterned hijabs. This season look out for longer length jackets too:


Long subtle check jacket £169, Planet; Fine wool Highgate jacket £189, Jigsaw; Black waterfall waistcoat £30, Dorothy Perkins; Puppytooth wide leg trouser £35, Topshop; Tweed wide-leg trousers £250, Marc by Marc Jacobs.


Leila said...

Asalaam alaikum, Jana you have done good! Lol. I particularly like the Tempest "military" jacket as well as knitted dresses - but I thought both were maybe too form-fitting to be considered okay hijab-wise... I'm not against good fit, especially if you have curves your clothes need a bit more shape... but what do you guys think?

caraboska said...

That pink bag is CUTE masha'Allah!

Maryam said...

Please be careful when purchasing leather and suede handbags as a lot of purses made in China and some other countries are using pigskin as it is much cheaper and readily available.

Jana, can you please do a post or a few on environmentally conscious fashion - purchasing fair-trade, cloth purses (Indian cloth bags can be very cute paired with a maxi skirt), recycling clothing and using natural material when possible?

caraboska said...

Oh, and that vest in the bottom row between those two pairs of trousers - insha'Allah I'll be making something of similar shape for myself in the near future :)

Mina said...

I recently bought a cute dark brown leather bag from H & M but it was worth every penny...

I'm just ME! said...

wow I'm lovin the Military style jacket
I'm agreeing with you Leila, the more curvy you are the more the need for jackets which give your body some structure but you've got to be careful that their not too fitted. Its difficult to strike a balance sometimes!


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