Thursday, 20 August 2009

Style Inspiration: Eid Day

With Ramadan just around the corner, and Eid a month away, many readers have requested ideas for Eid day outfits. The Pre-Fall 2009 collections provide plenty of inspiration. It's important to wear something you'll be comfortable enough to spend the whole day in; I've never been a fan of wearing sparkly outfits and huge heels on Eid day!

Try a chic ensemble of a long coat or cardigan with wide-leg trousers. Comfortable and relaxed, this is a great look if you'll be spending the day outdoors:

Giorgio Armani Zac Posen
Giorgio Armani; Zac Posen

Silky blouses teamed with a full-length skirt were a popular runway look; perfect for evening occasions like dining out:

Lanvin Monique Lhuillier Rachel Roy
Lanvin; Monique Lhuillier; Rachel Roy

Put those summer maxis to good use by adding a short jacket or blazer on top. I particularly like Miu Miu's take on the look:

Miu Miu Viktor and Rolf Carolina Herrera
Miu Miu; Viktor and Rolf; Carolina Herrera



Francesca Najea Lujan said...

ASA Sis. Jana,

This is a very sleek and beautiful montage.

Fi Imani Ilah,


hijabichica said...

looks very pretty, i think ill try a maxi dress, but for eid im guess im going with traditioanl bangladeshi clothes

Aalya said...

I really like that second picture from Giorgio Armani very classy!

WhiteOrchid said...

love the giorgio armani! I've never worn a maxi dress. Should try wearing one soon

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous ensembles.
I am not muslim, however I like to dress modestly, and these jacket/long skirt combos are really inspiring. Also the silk blouses with long skirts. I have many full length skirts and I often wonder what else can I match them with.

Since I am a daily visitor of your blog, felt like writing a comment today, as a pretext to wish you Ramadan Karim, to you and the ones dear to you.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see how you can put something similar to the first picture in a "modest" pricing

Ramadan Mubarak!


sabrina said...

I want to eat that Rachel Roy skirt.


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