Saturday, 29 August 2009

Reader Request: Maternity Workwear

I am 7 months pregnant and having trouble dressing stylishly for work. I really do not want to compromise on my style now, but my bump is getting in the way. Please can you post some ideas?

Putting together maternity outfits for work needn't be a hassle, and it doesn't necessarily mean buying a whole new wardrobe. Depending on how you normally like to dress, a few key basics to invest in include a smart abaya, shirts/shirtdresses, a long black or grey skirt and trousers. Aside from that, you can most likely carry on wearing pre-pregnancy cardigans and jackets, as long as they're left open. And of course, don't forget that shoes, bags, scarves and jewellery make all the difference to an outfit!

And as for where to shop, many regular clothing shops have maternity sections, and you can also check out specialist shops like Mamas and Papas, Blooming Marvellous and Crave Maternity. Aab also do a lovely range of maternity abayas.

Here's one outfit I've put together using a few key basics, and just used some interesting accessories to add a bit more flair:

Maternity Workwear
Black boyfriend cardigan £32, Wallis; maternity long line shirt £28, Dorothy Perkins; e┼čarp £10.95, LOSVE; maternity Paloma trousers £28, Topshop; red mock croc shoulder bag £22; black t-bar cut out court shoes £30, both Debenhams; red squares necklace £12, Dorothy Perkins.

Hint: If you struggle to find modestly fitting clothing on the high street that's suitable for your body shape, then why not try maternity tops? They actually fit nicely, but are looser at the bust and waist, so you can wear them whether or not you are pregnant! I particularly like the range at H&M.


Theresa said...


I was just thinking a maternity article would be helpful (am pregnant with our second alhamdolillah).

These are my best buys so far,

1) Charcoal long belted cardigan from jojomamanbebe

2) 'Bump Bands' Useful to make trousers last that little bit longer and good to prevent tummy exposure while breastfeeding afterwards.

like these but loads of places stock them

3) Striped work shirt from new look (yes I know but their maternity range is often quite hijab friendly!)

4) Aab do lovely maternity abaya's but most loose abayas are ok if you get a size or two up.

Anonymous said...

I bought a nice pair of maternity dress pants with wide legs and a maternity dress that came to the knee. Add some sleeves and I was good to go. Also, some of Shukr's clothes work well for maternity if you get the style with the high waisted dresses.

Anonymous said...

I love your hint about buying maternity clothes even when not pregnant. I have an ample bustline and maternity shirts tend to be long enough to cover my bottom and looser in the bust.

Sofia said...

I have worn maternity tops many times. No one knows the difference and they DO fit more modestly.

Nawal said...

I did a couple maternity and post maternity sets on my blog in the Fashion section,

mom of a happy 3-month old

Anonymous said...

you can also get good maternity wear at as i brought a good tankini off there this week !


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