Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Muslimah Style: Azureen

Reader's Contribution

Muslimah Style: Azureen
Salam, my name is Azureen. I am 20 years old, and I'm an accounting student from Malaysia.

My Style

I used to wear hijab with plain shirts and trousers most of the time, and I kept repeating the same outfits as I didn't really care about my look. But I'm glad I came across Hijab Style, which had inspired me to change my appearance. Previously, I'd always thought that there was no way for me to play with fashion whilst wearing hijab. But after following this blog for months, it has opened my mind and changed my view of hijab. Since then, I've tried to wear different outfits, and I was surprised by the results. It has managed to develop my confidence level and I just realized that dressing up could provide a better personality!

Now, I'm usually dressed according to the occasions that I have to attend. When I need to attend classes, I always opt for trousers, as going to class requires me to move a lot and I find them more practical. But my favourite outfit has to be something that could make me look more feminine. So during the weekend, instead of my daily outfits, I'll change to skirts/maxi dresses when I go out shopping or spending time with my family and friends.

I don't have many clothes as I've just discovered the beauty of fashion, but I'm trying my best to mix and match whatever I have in my wardrobe. Being a student, and since I don't earn any personal income, I'm always extra careful when I shop for clothes. I'll make sure that I don't already own a specific design/colour, and that it could match with most of the clothes I already own. Only then will I spend my money on the items. The first things that I bought when I decided to change my apearance were colourful cardigans. I love to play with colors and I believe that by combining different colours together, it can change a boring look to something more fun and interesting.

Top Tips

I usually shop for clothes anywhere, no matter if it's branded or unbranded, either online or offline, as long as it's unique I don't already own any, I will definitely go for it!

A simple tip from a beginner like me is, don't be afraid to change for good. Know your body type as it will help you to find the right clothes that will look good on you. Be confident and love yourself. And the most important thing is, always remind yourself that there is no restricition of being fashionable when you are wearing hijab. Be proud to be a Muslim and show the beauty of Islam through stylish hijab!

What did you think of Azureen's style? If you want to be featured on Hijab Style, send in your photos and top tips to hijabstyle @ hotmail . co . uk

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Amalia said...

I really love the second and fourth outfit with the maxi dress. She is so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

She's so cute mashAllah! Love the bright colors & prints, but I have to say the outfit with the navy tunic & bright red shoes is my favorite- love that scarf.

Melissa said...

Mashallah!! I love her style. You know, I used to dress really plain and thought that wearing hijab meant you couldn't dress nice and look nice. But now I don't think that at all and take care of my appearance and clothing.
I really like the second and last picture, those outfits are so lovely!

Candice said...

Ooh, I love it! : ) Cute cute outfits!

Anonymous said...

Umm, I`d say cute =)
But I like the writing better.

caraboska said...

This is a very nice start! Masha'Allah :)

Anonymous said...

You (the blog writer) is cute! Keep up styling!

Anonymous said...

im new to this site just discovered it...your an inspiration, i thought you were a page from a magazine, your look is very up beat, fashionable and islamic at the same time. have you worn long rectangle scarves or big square one?

ween said...

Salam and hye.
to all commentators, thanks a lot for the positive feedback! To be honest, I was quite afraid the 1st time I thought of changing my appearance, but now I'm glad I have took the right decision :))

to Anchor,
the scarf that I'm wearing is Tie Rack scarf. It's a brand from London. I love it too, and have a few collections of them :D

btw, my writing was bad and full of grammatical error, but thanks to Jana she did some editing before she published the entry to the public. heee

and, if u are curious, I was wearing small square scarf in the pic, as Malaysia is a hot country while I'm easily sweat. I found that it is more practical for me. The fabric is cooling, it's made of chiffon :)

Chica said...

wowzers - love ur style sis! im coming to malaysia in the new year - you have to tell me where to shop!

ixora said...

azureen.... what a coincidence..as that my spirit is so high on doing a makeover on myself, found this blog and your writings..so cute..would love to know where you get your clothing line and style from...
would love to be intouch... do add me in your facebook or yahoo messenger..i'm under ixora_m86@yahoo.co.uk or ixora_m86....

Anonymous said...

Nice style azureen... Tho, in my personal opinion, I think printed dress/tops more suitable with plain shawls, and if you wear plain tops/dress then with printed shawls...


malaysian hijab blog said...

Maxi and skirts is always look good on ween.I assume she love prints.her plain cardigan do justice to tone down the prints

chica,if u come to malaysia on new year,dont forget to check the new years eve around jalan bukit bintang.The people would gather and play snow spray its so much fun

for shopping u can check sungai wang plaza .they have lots of shop there and cheap.there's also other place to shop like pavillion,klcc and mid valley but these are high end shopping complex

lil' haikal said...


Dint know that Melaka has such sweet Hijab Fashion. So much similar with the korean style!!

voted for u! +1


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