Sunday, 23 August 2009

Muslimah Asian Bridal Wear

Traditional clothing from the Subcontinent lends itself really well to hijab, especially bridal clothing. The loose layers of fabric are elegantly modest, and since the outfits are usually tailor-made, it should be easy to work in all your requirements.

I love the idea here in the second picture, of wearing a simple, plain hijab in a co-ordinating colour to provide the necessary hair and neck coverage. Sabrina over at Slice of Lemon wrote a great post about wearing hijab with traditional clothing for her own wedding; check it out here.

Muslimah Asian Bridal Wear


caraboska said...

Stunning, especially the second one... Masha'Allah!

~nuTt*~ said...

Wouldn't it be nice if there is a East meets West bridal wear? like a white wedding gown (medieval princess dresses) with hijab, and maybe little pretty bells around the hems of the dress? oh, my imagination lol..:D

Anonymous said...

What abt the sari! Can it work with Bridal sari's?

Mariam said...


I did actually have a white wedding dress and I added an asian touch to it by havin a dupatta draped over my arms and I wore hijab!

Norhalizah said...

Assalamualaikum wr wbh and Ramadan Mubarak to all ladies :) I would like to share bridal wear for the southeast asian muslim women. You may visit the links here



I'll be getting married God willing this November and may share the pix with you sisters :) God bless

~nuTt*~ said...

What about a white princess wedding gown with sari fabric and elegant touch of English cuttings, but is wearable for those wearing hijab? I think I'll sketch this out and let you girls know when I'm done. lol

ai said...

i love her wedding gown, it's make her very elegant. try to search moslem wedding gown from indonesian designer la perle by irna, i love her design :)

anastasheeka said...

very nice :)


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