Thursday, 6 August 2009

Islamic Fashion in Jakarta

These are images of the latest Islamic fashion from a show in Jakarta on August 5, 2009. I love the traditional headdresses by Savitri, and the bright blue shades of the Dian Pelangi dress:


Tuti Adib Ajiputra

Nieta Hidayani; Dian Pelangi

Images: Reuters


KimDonesia said...

Nice, mashallah. Love these. :) I know the Indonesian fashion designer named Dian Pelangi, she's one of my good friends. :D I love that girl's designs and stuff.

Ayda said...

Thank you for such nice blog Jana. Any idea where to get these and other clothes from Indonesia?

Le-Ann Mariamlelue said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful designs
I do however have one comment, in my limited knowledge I find the second pic to be inappropriate hijab as it reminds me of the hadith based on the women who were dwellers of hell, who used to hold their hair up to resemble the hump of a camel... I am not saying it is the same but I think it really is too high and fashion/cultural wear over doubt I would refuse to do.
That's just my opinion
take care and yes those are lovely blue tones :)

NeverEver said...

Aww mashaAllah those two little kids are just adorable!! :-P

malaysian hijab blog said...

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Maryam Hajar said...

Love the bottom right...everything about it! love the way the hijab is draped and the colors are amazing. would like to see how this hijab was wrapped.
JazakAllah for posting :-)

Retno Kawuri said...

Oh my dear country ! The best hijab style.

FiMiNin Islamic Fashion said...

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