Friday, 28 August 2009

‘I prefer to see my designs on other people’

Last month I posted here about designer Beena Soni who creates beautiful jalabiyas, and now the The National has published an article about her:

Katie Boucher
August 22. 2009

The jalabiya designer Beena Soni talks about her life in fashion.

It all started when I was a kid in Bombay. Like any other girl, I had my Barbie. My mother used to buy her own fabric and she would always have some extra material, so I used to pick that up and create clothes for it.

I preferred making party dresses to jalabiyas back then, which I think reflects my designs today – jalabiyas but with a more of a western cut.

We were a big family – 13 or 14 cousins all living together. Among the girls, even as kids we always wanted to look better than the other. We used to say: “Mama, I want to buy new clothes because she is wearing something and I don’t want the same.”

Read the rest here.

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