Monday, 17 August 2009

Holiday Style Snaps: Tripoli

I divided my time in Lebanon between the cities of Beirut and Tripoli. Being a majority Muslim city, there were a lot more hijabis to be seen on the streets of Tripoli, and consequently a lot more affordable places to shop!

The best place to buy hijabs in Tripoli has to be in Al Thouq Centre. This is a collection of several shops stocking just hijabs and abayas. Walking into one of these stores is just so much fun; the sheer variety of scarves is fantastic! This is one of the stores to be found, Al-Ahdab:

Azmi Street is Tripoli's more up-market high street. The shops here are mostly independent boutiques that bring in European and Turkish stock. The great thing about shopping here is that you'll find plenty of maxi dresses, long skirts and tunics. However, you'll often find the exact same items for a lower price in the old souq:

Azmi Street

The old markets in Tripoli are found in historic buildings and are divided into 'Khans' depending on what was traditionally sold there. This photo is of Khan Al-Khayateen, or Tailor's Market, where you can still find tailors who make garments such as sherwal, abayas and bishts:

Khan Al-Khayateen

When it came to street style, there was a lot of variation in the way women dressed, but from the point of hijab, sometimes there was a lot to be desired! I can best describe Lebanese hijab style as being quite similar to that of Egypt, in the colour co-ordination and attempts at layering even the skimpiest of tops over a long sleeve tee! The shop window displays give you some idea of what's popular right now:

Shop window display in the old market

Despite what I've mentioned, there were several hijabi trends I loved - keep an eye out for them in my next Lebanon post!


theOracle said...

A great insight to Lebanese trends. How much is the price range for the hijabs, you reckon?

Anonymous said...

im lebnadeen.. im lebanese and i live in beirut.. a new hijabi as i mentioned before.. i dont know how to post using my account here:(
this blog is my best.. it is always giving me new ideas on how to wear and what to pick and buy.. and im always waiting for your posts on the lebanese hijab style..
thank you

Jaz said...

Lebanon looks amazing!

lale said...

so what did u get, maybe u could post some pics cos the scarves look awsome (also i have to find some way of neatly displaying my scarves like the pics above but in limited wardrobe space, nothing worse than a crinkled up scarf)

Millie said...

I myself have just come back from Lebanon.I bought hijabs, abayas,skirts etc all from Tripoli. I found the best place to get all the hijabs u need was from Amira. But the best place to buy skirts,tops, shoes etc is from Azma street as they have better quality.

I luved every minute that I was there and soooo miss the busy streets and the noise. There really is nothing better then my homeland Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

MashAllah..Wow looks really nice there. Not so sure about the tight fitting dress w/ a top underneath tho. Definitely a beautiful country MashAllah. You need to post more fashion trends like ppl on the street and whats the in thing. Also, any trends for the young girls (I have two). Thanks!

Magz and Mez said...

Thanks for sharing! I am in Lebanon at the moment, and so glad I came by this. I have just come home from shopping at Azmi. I am yet to see the Tailors Market. Lots of great things here!


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