Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Holiday Style Snaps: Beirut

I just got back from my trip to Lebanon a couple of days ago - it was great fun but it sure is a relief to be back home! As promised, I did take photos for blog purposes, but it proved very difficult to get any street style shots. However, I was pretty much expecting that few women in an Arab country would be happy to have their photos taken, but I'll still showcase a bit of Lebanese style in a slightly different way... As for now, here are just a few photos from Beirut:

For a hijabi, one of the best things to shop for of course is hijabs! There are plenty of shops selling scarves, bonnet caps, sleeves and pins, in a huge range of colours and fabrics:

Window display at Al Yaman Foulard, Mar Elias

Hamra is one of the more popular shopping areas in Beirut, though very expensive. Most of the shops bring in branded stock from France and Italy. In Lebanon there are very few chain stores, save for a few like Vero Moda, GS, and Les Amis:

Maxi dresses and tunics at Les Amis Boutique; Hamra

Downtown Beirut is the place to hang out if you're a tourist. Full of cafes and designer boutiques, you'll find everything from Louis Vuitton to Prada. I got the chance to visit the Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad boutiques, but was actually quite disappointed with the workmanship - the dresses look so much better on a computer screen!

Maxi dresses at Kenzo; Downtown Beirut

Stay tuned for more Holiday Style Snaps, as well as trend reports on hijabi fashion in Lebanon!


Amalia said...

I hope I get to go to Lebananon somtime, it seems like you had a good time there. I'm really starting to love maxi dresses now - bought 3 in the last few weeks!
Love your pictures - looking forward to seeing more!

Anonymous said...

wow i look forward to hear more about your trip, the hijab fashion and to see more pictures! thank u jana for a great blog

Anonymous said...

Yes yes! looking forward to seeing the posts about style in Lebanon; I know they are the style leaders in both fashion and food, although womens dress sometimes leaves a little to be desired. Yalla sister!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this blog, good insite to trends out side the US/UK.

Zaynab said...

After looking at these pics i feel like going to Lebenon n get my hijab from there.It seems that you had a lot of fun in Lebanon.thanks for posting these pictures.looking foward for more posts.Wassalam


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