Friday, 14 August 2009

Burqini swimwear makes a splash

The National covers the story of a Muslim woman in France thrown out of a public swimming pool for wearing a burqini, and also speaks to the designer of the costume, Jenny Nicholson. You can read more about the designer in a previous article here. They also mention that the range will soon be available at Debenhams. Here's hoping!

Tahira Yaqoob and Colin Randall
August 15. 2009

They live more than 4,800 kilometres apart, have different faiths and have never met – but one thing has united the two women in a political cause célèbre.

Carole is the 35-year-old woman thrown out of a swimming pool in France for wearing a burqini and whose treatment has sparked such controversy that she has become an unwitting ambassador for Muslim women across the globe.

Yesterday she was joined in the spotlight by Jenny Nicholson, the Dubai fashion designer who created her swimming costume and has joined the outcry against the ban.

Mrs Nicholson said she was reluctant to make the garment a political issue but was unable to hold back her incredulity at objections to it as being “unhygienic” by the French authorities who forbade its use at a public swimming pool.

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Anonymous said...

Salam aleikum

Great story sis, I cant understand why they want to ban the swimming costume, I mean isnt it similar to what swimmers wear for professional swimming and the olympics?

I bought one a few weeks ago online, its great. First time I have been swimming in years!I wore it to women only swimming, had a few strange looks but also many asking where I had bought it from too. Hopefully they will be more popular soon.

I found online store Ihtijab , which sell them at affordable price,

Jennifer said...

Thanks for teaching me about this. I am an American and I'd love to wear this! I don't like regular American bathing/swimsuits. Here is a link to a lot of photos

Ramadan Blog said...

Good write-up - thanks.

Their objections are merely a lame attempt to rationalize intolerance.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. She's not even in a competition. Whatever happen to freedom of expression?

Anonymous said...

I heard about this, it's ridiculous. I know that there are a ton of Christian women who wear "burqini-style" suits also so this is an attack on all modest women of faith. I have a suit from ahiida myself and I love it and it is far more "hygienic" than wearing the barely-there bathing suits that most women today wear. There is definitely a worldwide attack on modest women because we don't believe what they believe....and liberals hate that!

God Bless, TCW

Anonymous said...

LOL. I LOVE how they claim "unhygienic". This is like a scuba suit only more flowy. I would call those pieces of cloth with a dental floss string unhygienic. As I see it, France is having issues with minorities, religion, and gender issues. They refuse to acknowledge this by pretending that intolerance and bigotry do not happen in France. However, the sad thing to point out is that the more islomophobic a country becomes the more radical attention it brings thus creating a cyclical effect that is extremely difficult to break.

PokemonEliteClub said...

I heard about this news story and was appalled. Considering that the swim fashion for Westerners in the early 1900's contained much MORE fabric than the burqini, I can't understand how the French could even form their mouths around the words "unhygienic" in relation to this wonderful modest alternative to the dental floss that has become the norm.

I hope this woman does not back down.

Arfy Majeed said...


This is yet another outrageous claim by the the French to declothe women.

Its extremely important that everyone also leave a comment on The National article website, and with any national newspaper that publish the story.

Its these comments that are collected to form public opinion, which drives politics.




Yeah, this swimsuit is unhygenic, tell that to the kids who pee in the pool lol.

Anyhow, there is another brand of islamic swimsuits called Veilkini. I found it online at and they ship all over. Prices seem really good too, and they're pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

The French become even more and more ridiculous. Even speedo make a full suit


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