Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Traditional Yemeni Abaya Goes Funky

This recent news report briefly covers abaya fashion in Yemen:

Glittering embroidery, blinking stones and funky colours slowly make their way on the black Yemeni abaya dress.

In recent months, the traditional abaya – also called "balto" in Yemen – has increasingly turned into a funky accessory.

In Hadda Street in the capital Sana'a, boutiques display the latest creations inspired from the Gulf.

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C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

An imam told me that wearing sparkles and looking like you are going to a party is not allowed. It does kind of defeat the purpose right? And ewwww to the men selling bras!

Noor said...

Asalam Alaykum,

I wanted to invite you to a Muslimah forum ukti. I know you will like it a lot please come and at least let us meet you inshAllah. It is called Cafe Muslimah..


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Makes me want to visit Yemen.

Coffee Catholic said...

I've never been under the impression that hijab is supposed to make women disapear.

From what I've read in the Koran, as well as in Christian writings over the past 2,000 years, hijab is for modesty ~ so the shapes of our bosoms and hips aren't on display and thus inciting lust in men.

So I can't understand why "conservatives" get upset with colors and sparkles and other artsy things that add beauty to abayas and scarves. The abayas and scarves are still doing their jobs ~ covering our bodies and mellowing our curves.

I think that a lot of tribal culture that is anti-female has snuck into our faiths, both Islam and Christianity. So this idea that women are to be **invisible** behind a plain shroud of black has become the mindset over the years.

Thankfully younger women are breaking away from that ~ while still maintaining hijab. God is not ashamed of women, so mankind should not be ashamed of women either!

sina said...

sorry cofee catholic, its not true what you are saying , hijab is not just to cover our curves, In islam we are not supposed to be showy and bling, there is something called dazzeling display(Tabarruj) which is forbidden in islam. in public life where women interact with men they should not wear something that can catch attension of opposite sex, but in their private spaces amongst women ans mahram men they can dress as flashy as they wish.So the ''conservatives'' are not wrong.They are following the rules of islam.

Anonymous said...

We should all try our best to make good hijab, and our intensions is only known by Allah SWT.

A sparkling fashionista hijabi who is obtaining good hijab and also has fashion sense is better than a niqabi with Taqabbur inside her.

I have nothing against niqab nor fashion, I'm against Taqabbur, which is dominating our hearts and minds for long time. Astaghfirullah.

sina said...

I agree with the last comment sister, there may be niqabis who have bad akhlaq(morals) compare to only hijab wearing sisters, and there may be hijabi sisters who have no morals compare to non hijabi sisters, but that does not nullify a woman following Allah's command by trying to cover her complete body in a one piece garment except the face and the hands, niqab is another opinion.
But my point is we cant say because a sister has some bad akhlaq or has taqabbur that means there no point in her wearing hijab, no we HAVE TO wear hijab and along with that try to remove the other bad aspects of our personality.Beacause as muslimahs we DO NOT have the choice weather or not to wear hijab its an obligatory command from Allah.


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